World of Warcraft: the most popular MMORPG game?

World of Warcraft is the most famous computer MMORPG game produced and published by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004.

The latest World of Warcraft expansion has created the kind of mess that became the pre-Azeroth expansion war and set it up in a beautiful, rewarding flow. It quietly modernizes systems that desperately need attention, enhances graphics and maps a cohesive story, and even takes time to make fun of itself. Its dungeons are fun and diverse, its first raid a quick success, and unfortunately – without making the game easy, it manages everything.

World of Warcraft Gameplay

The latest expansion of the game has worked dramatically in the way players level up their roles. Brand new players begin role level 1 to reach exile. This delightful new starter island moves you according to game mechanics and your character’s abilities, and it teaches you the basics of World of Warcraft in one hour and ten levels. The island’s progress is difficult, and the storyline is very modern, including some trademark warcraft comics. It ended dramatically with a dungeon battle in which players had to prepare for later dungeon competitions with other players.

Experienced players can reach the exile threshold or choose between traditional ranking experience in the Character Starter Zone. Players can choose which extension they want to spend time in, level 10 to 50. By default, this selection is a battle for Azeroth, with modern boy graphics and systems. But players who want to re-experience an extension or another experience can choose to rotate this period for the next 40 missions. To pick up, talk to Chromie in your group’s capital. The extra time in an extension certainly lets you lengthen your legs and watch some stories.

The blizzard squashed a new level of the cap for Azeroth from the battle of 120 to 60. Players make rapid progress, reaching 50 in about two-thirds of the time. Ever since these systems became available, I’ve built some characters from scratch. I like to choose the old spread and dungeon to reach fifty, but this quest is also especially beneficial for new players. Gamers who are making a rating can instead choose the Threads of Fate option. Immediately choose the pledge, and access all the dungeons and quest of the world. This option doesn’t feel very fast but offers a lot of variety for re-experiments.

The Latest Expansion

Adding to the meaning of Warcraft, Thrall’s new horde expanded its ranks to settle in the dilapidated area of ​​Durotar and invited undead Forsaken to join the orcs, taurine, and trolls. Until, the dwarves, gestures, and elves of the classical night pledge their loyalty to a reinvigorated alliance led by the human kingdom of Storm-wind. After the King of Storm-wind’s mysterious disappearance, Varian Wynn, High-lord Bolver For-dragon, served as regent, but his service was affected by manipulation overpowering the black dragon Onyxia, which led to a human servant ruled in the disguise of a woman. When the hero investigated Onyx IA’s manipulation, ancient enemies worldwide put the crowd and the unity in equal danger.

It’s hard to see how one can come back from all the bad habits to become a hero, but getting rid of World Warcraft has always been a mysterious thing. Some characters will come back and save the day, thus proving that the end justifies its resources. The former Prince of Blood Elves, Kaelthas Sunrider, is starting his redemption in the vampire hell of Ravendarth. Maeve Shadow’s song killed many people, but she confessed, so everyone is great with her.

The blizzard has recently turned the redemption of one chosen as a Legion. The first part of the story focuses on Illidan, and Nauru Zira talks about how great a man he is and why we should all be ashamed that we fought him in the Black Temple. Then, surprisingly, Illidan refused to work with Zira. Instead, he killed her, pulled out a “heh, nothing personal, baby” and continued his work.

Pros and Cons


  • 2 factions: “Horde Horde” and “Alliance Alliance”.
  • 14 Enable occupation, resource mobilization, and item preparation
  • Different specialties for every class define the player’s skills, powers, and purpose in the game.
  • The Talent System allows customization of passive and active role capabilities.
  • Glyphs are additionally utilized to enhance character strengths.
  • First aid, a secondary profession, was abolished with the Battle of Azeroth.
  • A comfortable, friendly character development system
  • Being offline (relaxing) adds to your experience
  • Game trade, mail service, auction system, text and voice chat
    also, two types of the server with Barrow for Azeroth, PvP and RP PvP, were removed
    PvE and PvP systems
  • Dungeons, Raids, and Pindarian sceneries battle for the landscapes of the Azeroth Island campaign. Legion point of view. Battle for Azeroth Warfront Scenario.
  • Content from 1 to 5 players: Azeroth Horrific Visions and Shadowlands Battle for Toughest, Tower of Fallen.
  • Individual Content Only: Mistakes of Pandaria Brawler’s Guild and Legion Mag Tower Challenges.
  • Fighter’s Drainer Garrison, Legion Class Order Hall, and Shadowlands Covenant.
  • Legion PVP Talent System.
  • Turn on or off the battle for PVP Azeroth in the open world.
  • 13 Fields: Warson Gulch, Rathi Basin, Altera Valley, Burning Storm Crusade, Wrath of Lich King’s Isle of Victory, Destructive Battle for Galena’s, Cataclysm Twin Peaks, Pindaria Silverware Mines Mists, Kotmugo’s Mists of Pandaria Temple, Pandaria Deep Wind Valley, Legion Seething Beach Soils, Battle of Azeroth for Winter grasp, Battle of Azeroth Ashran.
  • Legion PVP Conflict is only accessible in a weekly rotation.
    (Anger of the ancient Lich King Strand, a battlefield with battlefield Azeroth was removed)
    2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 Field PVP systems for intense, small area fighters (12 different PVP field locations).
  • Legion PvP Objective World Quests.
  • Battle for the Azeroth Dueller Guild.
  • Azeroth PvP Battle for difficult island journeys.
  • Seasonal World Events: Dark-moon Fair, Children’s Week, Midsummer Fire Festival, Love is in the Air, Winter Curtain Feast, and more.
  • Subsequent expansions included more events: Burning Crusade Briefing, Burning Crusade Pirates Day, The Wrath of Lich King’s Day of the Dead, and The Wrath of Grace of Lich King Pilgrim.
    One-time unique events: Ahn’Qiraj Doors, Curse Attack, Dark Portal Opening Ceremony, World
  • Warcraft’s Birthday, and more.
  • Host Micro Vacations (Patch 7.1.5): including Call of Scarab, Hatching Hippogryphs, Glow-cap Festival, and more.
  • The game continues and spreads through the Warcraft universe.
  • The series’ Quest Lines and NPC narrated stories.
  • User interface and customer support
  • Customize the addon and interface with some game commands support.
  • The client supports both Mac and Windows operating systems without interruption. Linux users can play via alcohol; however, this is not supported, and sometimes even small things can happen.


  • World of WarcraftToughest is not really infinite repetition.
  • There are no prizes
  • Once you’ve cleaned all the floors in each wing for a specific week, you can’t get much out of doing them again.
  • One such fact is that the World of Warcraft is paid to play the game.
  • You have to play World of Warcraft. 1st, You must create one subscription
  • Crafts, raids / DKP, grinding. Is life
  • The drop rate in the basement leaves much to be desired.
  • Only the end counts when what you did when you missioned is useless and useless.
  • There is much elitism in the “community”. No one will take the time to help you or give you information about anything.
  • To join a raid group, you need something much stronger than what you get from raids.

How to Download?


Get started by downloading the Blizzard Battlenet desktop app. Open the app, either create a new account or log in using your existing account.

How to Install WoW?

In the app, click the World of Warcraft tab. Select “Wow Classic” in the Version or Region / Account drop-down menu, and press the Install button

How to Create and play a new character?

Wow, let’s start our journey on the level of the classic character 1. If you already have a character, you can make it retrieve again in World of Warcraft.


World of Warcraft is the fourth game released in the series. The World of Warcraft event takes place worldwide, almost four years after the release of the previous Blizzard concert. Warcraft III: Frozen Throne The game was announced in 2001 and released on November 23, 2004, on the 10th anniversary of the Warcraft franchise.

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