World of Tanks – Free-to-play game?

World of Tanks is a free-to-play game. You do not have to purchase the game. Also, you can unlock most of the perks and rewards by playing more.

World of Tanks Overview:

Before we get to the game’s overview, I want to share that World of tanks has won four Golden Joystick awards and made two Guinness World Records making it a multiple award winner game. It was initially released on August 12, 2010, developed and published by Wargaming. A mobile version of the game is also available.

As the game’s name shows, World of Tanks is a multiplayer online battle of tanks game. It features mid-20th century’s vehicular strategic combat. The concept of the video game is based on World War II warfare.

In short, World of Tanks is an immersive multiplayer online tank action game that you can play to enjoy the historical atmosphere and 3D action at the same time.

World of Tanks Gameplay:

World of TanksWorld of Tanks is playable on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and other gaming consoles.

As introduced above, World of Tanks is an arena-based game where you, along with your teammates, enter a combat zone to compete and win against the other players online. In the game, you have to simulate and fight with your tank in different warzones strategically.

This MMO game has many different in-game modes.

You can play this game in:

  • Solo Mode (Campaign mode)
  • Online Multiplayer Mode (Team matches/Co-op battles)
  • Remotely connected Mode

World of Tanks features hundreds of tanks with different capabilities. The choice of the vehicle in the game is crucial because every match type has its strategy.

The types of tanks are divided into five unique classes that include:

  • Light Tanks
  • Medium Tanks
  • Heavy Tanks
  • Tank Destroyers
  • SPGS

Is World of Tanks free?

World of Tanks is a free-to-play game. You do not have to purchase the game. Also, you can unlock most of the perks and rewards by playing more. For example, by playing, experience and credits are earned, which can be used to purchase the next tier tanks to proceed in the game.

However, the game also includes some in-game purchases. These purchases can give you access to the premium features of the game.

The currency used to buy items in World of Tanks is GOLD, and you can purchase items from various categories using gold,

  • Premium Account duration
  • Premium Vehicles
  • Limited time special deals
  • Consumables
  • Ammo
  • Swapping Skills
  • Boosts

All these items can help you in advancing and playing the game more effortlessly.

Is World of Tanks worth it?

One of the notable features of the game is that it’s free.

For action lovers, this game can be proven much exciting and engaging. From visuals to audio, everything in the game is well-organized, giving you a real sense of intense wartime.

We can say that World of Tanks is one of the most intense strategic war games that offers polished graphics with a unique realistic physics engine.

If you like tanks, strategic battle games, or any third-person shooter games, then don’t miss your window. Go to the official website, download, install, and play this awesome game.

You will find it worth it!

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