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Hello everyone! Today we will dive into the world of Five Nights at Freddy’s. It is the best moment because we just got blessed by Scott Cawthon with the incredible game: FNaF: Security Breach. If you clicked this quiz, you must be a fan of his productions. I have been too since the start. I loved every one of the games from this series. Starting from the first game to the last one, I was very interested in the general plot. Waiting for each new clue to solve a puzzle is a great feeling. These games, on the surface, seem childish. Going through each night and stages of the game, new animatronics, some not even scary… This is all, right? However, if we look closely, we will see much more to the story. Let’s look at two different situations.

Eventually, you have a job, it seems to fit your conditions. The only thing to do is sit and watch if everything is okay. What a brilliant offer. “Maybe I’ll even be able to sleep, haha!” – you think to yourself. It’s time for your shift at work. You sit in the office. Right away, you realize that there are two extraordinary doors on both sides of the desk. They seem to operate thanks to the button on the wall. There is also another one in a different color, which turns out to be the light. That is a bit strange. After all, you sit down and turn on the cameras. Quickly check each room and see if the lights are working – you’re fine. You close the preview and settle down comfortably in the chair. You close your eyes for a moment, but then you are woken up by a loud noise coming from the kitchen. Your heart is pounding, and with the remnant of your sober thinking, you open the cameras and check what may be causing the noise. Well… It’s weird. Chica is there. But why? She shouldn’t be moving around during the night because kids aren’t present. “It must be an error in the system. She’s like a computer, and it happens.” – you calm yourself down. The noise disappears after a while, and your heart slows down a little. You close the camera and settle down again more comfortably in the chair. However, you hear the strange noise again on the side of the right door. Really scared, you slowly reach for the light switch. As soon as it illuminates the corridor, you jump out of terror. Chica is right next to you. She is absolutely creepy up close. How is it possible that such a thing makes children laugh? You quickly get the button that locks the door. However, they do not close at all. You feel hot. At this moment, you realize what you’ve really gotten yourself into. After that night, you will probably never fall asleep again.

Finally, you got to the warm and fun place to spend a night in. Have you ever been to this kind of location? Probably not. Happy music, flashy and colorful lights, so many attractions in one place! Children are watching the animatronics show and having a tasty cheesy pizza. Their parents are laughing and having the best time of their life. You’re looking at the main stage, and something seems to be not okay. Freddy is glitching and falling down to the ground. Fortunately, the time to end the show has come anyway. People are leaving the building, and guards are watching them. They do not want anyone to stay here for the night. You need to hide. You notice Freddy on the stage with his stomach open. You decide to hop in. Freddy closes his stomach, and after a few minutes, you feel how someone is dragging him somewhere. You did it. You stayed for the night at Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex! However, your enthusiasm does not last long. You realize that the facility not only has a lot of robots keeping order and a night guard, but it also turns out that all animatronics are hostile to you. What’s more … They want to get rid of you.

These two stories sound familiar, don’t they? You must have been in this position playing Five Nights at Freddy’s games. But have you ever wondered why animatronics are attacking you? After all, they were supposed to entertain the children. How is it possible that they are so dangerous and aggressive? I would not like to introduce too many spoilers here, but if you do not know the answers to these questions yet, it is really worth finding them. These pizzerias entertaining children are not as innocent and friendly as you may think. Something really gruesome is happening in the shadows.

Would you like to know what kind of animatronic from Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach do you resemble? Try our quiz with twenty questions to check it out. If you have never played the game, we recommend doing so because you lose a lot. Let’s get into it!

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