Warframe Update 29.10.0: The New Railjack and Corpus Proxima

The latest update to Warframe touches on nearly every aspect of the Railjack and introduces new content to explore in the space around Venus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Warframe, by Canadian developer Digital Extremes, just received one of the most massive updates since the unique feature Empyrean (and thus the Railjack) was introduced in Update 27.0 at the end of 2019. According to the patch notes, one major focus of the change was to make the Railjack more accessible in general. In order to that, they have made it easier to set courses for Proxima by decreasing the requirements to enter, and they integrated more of the familiar gameplay elements from other modes of the game.

To make things simpler, they removed the requirement the Railjack be built in the Dry Docks of your Clan Dojo by making Dry Docks also available in Saturn’s Kronia Relay and Pluto’s Orcus Relay. They also lowered the cost of ship components and the time required to build a Railjack. And if you can’t wait that long, you can find a fully operational Railjack for purchase in the in-game market.

The Warframe update doesn’t stop there! From the moment you step into your Railjack, you will notice quite a few changes. First, the bridge has been redesigned to make space for new turret positions. Four new types of turrets have been added, including the ‘Laith’, which fires shrapnel at high velocity, the ‘Glazio’, which does ice-type damage, the ‘Vort’ which shoots a volley of electric pulses, and the ‘Talyn’ that fires a continuous laser beam. The layout of the Railjack has also received an upgrade by bringing all the ship’s major functions closer together to make it more intuitive and practical. The ship has also been made faster and more maneuverable!

We’re particularly excited about the introduction of the Plexus, a single place to loadout your Railjack, and can be found in your Orbiter or in any Dry Dock. Avionics has been replaced with personalized Railjack mods, meaning that you will no longer need to rely entirely upon the host’s loadout. You’ll be able to bring your ship mods with you to help the team. If you want to go to Proxima solo, you can recruit and train your own customizable crew of NPCs. However, in order to do so, you will first need to level up your Command Intrinsic and interact with Ticker in Fortuna. Command Intrinsic can also be used to improve the aptitude of your NPS crew.

In the deep space around Venus, Neptune, and Pluto, the Corpus Proxima has been updated with new content just waiting to be explored. Each new Proxima includes new interesting adventures and plenty of opportunities to win rewards! There are two new types of Railjack missions now available to players, called the Orphix Mission, where the player will need to defeat a Sentient threat to earn Arcanes, and the Volatile Mission, in which the player will need to infiltrate a Capital Ship and sabotage it from the inside. The player will also encounter new enemies designed with the remoteness of outer space in mind, and each new planet (Venus, Neptune, and Pluto) has its own recognizable units.

Finally, the developers of Warframe also retouched the Zephyr by fine-tuning some of her abilities to bring her more in line with her precise style. Zephyr’s Tail Wind ability has been changed. Instead of holding the button to charge the attack, holding the button will now allow the player to simply hold the ability while hovering, and the dive bomb damage has been massively increased from 500 to 4500. Airburst has been changed from a radial explosion to a vortex that pulls enemies in for a short duration. Tornado will now cast stationary tornados when holding the cast button or roaming tornados when tapping the cast button.

There were also some minor updates to the UI and bug fixes, of course, and quality-of-life improvements to the Dojo, such as 161 new decorations and the ability to preview unfinished decorations for sixty seconds.

We are very excited by these innovations and improvements to the game and impressed with the volume of new content made available to players.

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