Warframe – Sisters of Parvos (Update 30.5)

The latest update for Warframe is introducing a new nemesis for the players to challenge and defeat to earn awesome rewards, and a new Warframe to obtain!

Earlier this week, an update for Warframe was released simultaneously on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch. Entitled “Sisters of Parvos”, this appears to be one of the largest updates to the game in quite a while. Based on the Kuva Lich player-nemesis system originally introduced in Old Blood (Update 26.0.6) released back in the fall of 2019, this latest update will allow players to gain a personal adversary to challenge and defeat.

In a game of cat-and-mouse, elite hunters called “Sisters of Parvos” will track down the player and attempt to assassinate them if given a chance. You will need to follow a series of events in this quest to eliminate your stalker, either by defeating her in battle and receiving her loot or by convincing her to join your side and adding her as a crew member on your Railjack.

Players should note that they will have to meet prerequisites before they can take part in the “Sisters of Parvos” questline. First, the player must have completed both the ‘Call of the Tempesterii’ and ‘The War Within’ quests, and they must not have an active Kuva Lich. This, of course, means that you cannot be hunted by a Kuva Lich and a Sister of Parvos at the same time.

To begin the challenge, the player must enter the Granum Void from a Corpus Ship and reach Rank 1. When the player returns to the Corpus Ship from the Granum Void, a Sister will reveal herself. Once defeated, this will start a chain of events in which one of the eight different sisters will appear in the Origin System and begin to slowly begin to take control over the star chart. She will hinder the player’s progress by seizing a portion of the loot players earn from completing missions.

After completing the correct sequence of events, the player will have a final battle with their nemesis and be given a choice whether to add them to their Railjack crew or to kill them and receive their special weapon. There are a total of eight ‘Sisters of Parvos’, and each has a unique weapon for the player to collect. (Note that the elemental damage of the special weapon is determined by which Warframe is being used by the player when they find that Sister for the first time). Considering the length of time it takes to complete this event chain, it would represent quite an undertaking to complete the challenge eight times and receive all of the unique weapons.

This update is also introducing a new water-themed Warframe called Yareli, the main blueprint for which can be obtained by completing the quest “The Waverider.” In order to begin that quest, players will first need to have completed the ‘Vox Solaris’ quest. The component blueprints can be researched at the Bash Lab within a Clan Dojo.

Additionally, this update also made light adjustments to certain melee weapons and melee mods in order to improve balance. Generally speaking, many melee weapons have had their damage potential reduced. The intent behind this is to encourage players to switch between their weapons strategically according to the demands of the situation, rather than relying only upon their melee weapon because it’s far superior than any other weapon they have.

This update has brought a bunch of new exciting things for players to engage with. We will keep you regularly updated on all the latest Warframe news! We’re delighted to see such a smart expansion on the Kuva Lich adversary system.

Warframe is available for Windows, PlayStation 4 & PS5, Xbox One and Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. This multiplayer free-to-play role-playing first-person shoot was developed and published by Digital Extremes and released in 2013.

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