Warframe – Gara receives her Prime variant in Update 30.3

Gara Prime was just released to players this week, along with access to a wide variety of accessory items for a limited time only, read here to find out more information about this exciting new addition to Warframe!

Originally introduced to players in the fall of 2017 in Update 22.0, the crystalline warrior Gara has finally received her Prime variant and is the 32nd Prime to be released. This new variant for Gara is available for purchase for all players on PC and Consoles through Prime Access. The Gara Prime Accessories Pack will only be available for a limited time, so don’t miss out!

Included in the Gara Prime Accessories Pack are the following:

  • Gara Prime Warframe
  • Astilla Prime Shotgun – higher base damage, greater area attack, and larger magazine than the regular Astilla.
  • Voluns Prime Hammer – higher base damage and critical chance than the non-Prime version.
  • Catena Prime Ephemera
  • Castellan Prime Kavat Armor – ornate crystal armor for your Kavat companion
  • Sabella Prime Gene-Masking Kit
  • Discounted Platinum
  • 90-Day Affinity Booster
  • 90-Day Resource Booster
  • Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment
  • Kavat Starter Kit

Like all Prime variants of warframes and weapons, Gara Prime is stronger in many ways when compared to the original non-Prime version of Gara. In particular, her health is about 20% higher, and her armor has increased by about 25%. In addition, Gara Prime has a special passive ability that causes an energy pulse granting 250 to all nearby allies when Gara Prime comes into close contact with an Orokin Void Death Orb. Interestingly, the Gara Prime does not feature a Prime version of her Fusilai signature weapon.

Formerly when Gara uses her Splinter Storm, her glass armor would shatter, but it appears that many players asked for the option of toggling whether the glass armor would shatter or not. However, it appears that allowing for this toggle was causing a lot of problems because of the added complexity to the code allowing for more chances for something to break down. With that in mind, the developers decided it would be better just to rework it so that Gara’s armor no longer shatters when using this ability.

As with most updates, there were also a few changes and fixes, particularly to the Railjack and the UI, along with removing some pesky bugs, including those related to broken quests, desynchronized music buggy animations and textures, and improper enemy spawning. Also, completing junctions will now award players credit, and these credits will be retroactively applied to players that have already completed these junctions. But to be honest, there’s just far too much to list out, so if you want more details, we think you can find it here in the Warframe forum.

It should also be noted that two other Prime Warframes will no longer be available for players, as Wukong Prime and Octavia Prime are going into the vault. Wukong’s Prime Weapons are also being removed from access, while Octavia’s Prime Weapons can still be earned by unlocking relics.

It’s pretty exciting to be seeing a new Warframe, and we can’t wait to try Gara Prime out. She’s sure to be very popular with a lot of players (as most new Primes are), so you won’t want to be left out.

Warframe is a free-to-play role-playing online multiplayer FPS that was developed and published by Digital Extremes and is available on Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. Within a few years of its initial release in 2013, the game had attracted at least 50 million players and is currently among the most played games on Steam.

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