Valorant Patch 2.07

The latest update to Valorant Patch 2.07 went live on April 13th. There are some big changes to Raze and Astra, along with some quality of life improvements and basic bug fixes.

Readers may recall that in Patch 2.04 to Valorant, a new agent called Astra was added to the roster. It looks like she is going to receive some retouches. Formerly, this agent’s Gravity Well ability had some counterintuitive behavior such as not affecting agents that are defusing the Spike, so that has been fixed. Now, targets of her Gravity Well ability will be pulled away from the Spike, and their defuse action will be interrupted. They also fixed a strange but minor bug in which a dome in the sky would appear when Astra came out of Astal Form while Omen is using his ultimate ability.

Raze has been updated in a way that makes logical sense, although this change will not be particularly beneficial to players of this Agent. Before, players could use Blast Packs in such a way as to easily sneak up on other players by essentially double-jumping while also creating a disorienting sound that can lure or distract opposing players. Rather than removing this ability, the developers decided to simply add an audio cue similar to Jett’s Tailwind to indicate when she is moving through the air in this way. This nerf was bound to happen, however, so few players should be surprised. The general utility and strategic advantages of moving in this way across the field of gameplay were simply too overpowered. Aside from that, visual effects related to explosions and the Showstopper ability have been updated to be less obscuring and clear the area quicker.

The Valorant developers also looked into an unusual bug related to Viper and the Marshall sniper rifle in which if shooting enemies that had taken 50 decay it caused their health to set to 1 instead of killing them. Apparently, this was caused by how the game determines whether the damage is lethal or not for a decayed target with armor at certain health breakpoints. This issue has been fixed.

Other minor bug fixes related to Agents:

  • Sage’s Barrier Orb will no longer be broken by the adjacent placement of Killjoy’s turret.
  • A bug that allowed Yoru to be able to plant a Spike while using Gatecrash and Dimensional Shift has been fixed.
  • Spycam can no longer be placed on Cyber Cage projectiles
  • They fixed a bug that allowed Killjoy to be able to place disabled Alarmbots that when re-enabled, would ruthlessly chase down targets that ran by them when they were disabled.
  • Skye’s Guiding Light ability will no longer appear to go underground when thrown directly downward.

To improve user experience in Valorant, the feel of the ping wheel selection tool has been retouched to be more predictable to players, which should aid in everyone’s in-game communication. Also, Cypher Tripwires will now display to Observers according to the associated team color. They also fixed an issue with the Match History filters functioning incorrectly.

They fixed a bug in which players would have to restart the client to remove the competitive queue restriction when it should have already ended and another bug where some AFK players weren’t penalized after a match ended during remakes. Valorant developer also fixed some voice-chat bugs related to users of Russian and Thai keyboards and various other localization issues involving server selection and the promotion screen.

We’re really interested to see how the major changes to Astra and Raze affect the meta-strategy, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated with each new major patch.

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