Valorant – Episode 3

Episode 3, Act One begins on June 22nd! Not all the information is out, but we do know there will be a lot of ability and weapon cost balancing, and a new Agent! Read here to find out more!

Just a few weeks ago, Patch 2.11 was released for Valorant, and it introduced some minor adjustments, including changes made to improve performance and fix bugs. Overall the expected improvement to framerate will be, on average, only 1%. Interestingly, this being the immediate follow-up to Patch 2.09, one would think that because Patch 2.10 was skipped that 2.11 would have more included in it, but it’s rather minimal. That being said, the official patch notes do suggest that this is only the “calm before the storm”, meaning that Episode 3 for Valorant will likely be very exciting.

No doubt the most interesting new feature for Valorant to come in Episode 3 will be the addition of the new agent, KAY/O. This will be the first robotic agent included in Valorant’s roster of playable characters. There are still some missing details about this new agent as much of what we currently know was leaked and not technically supposed to be public yet. With that in mind, it should also be noted that when KAY/O does become playable, it’s possible some of their features or abilities may be different in the final version. That said, it appears that KAY/O will have the ability to throw fragment grenades and blinding flash grenades. It’s possible KAY/O will also have the ability to throw a spinning blade that sticks to its target and then explodes. KAY/O’s ultimate ability may cause large energy pulses to emit from its location, suppressing targets in the area.

There are quite a few minor and major adjustments being made to several agents in terms of the economy of agent’s abilities. Astra will now start with only one free star, although the price for stars has been reduced from 200 to 150 creds. Omen’s ‘Paranoia’ will now only cost 300 creds rather than 400, but ‘Shrouded Step’ will now cost 150 instead of 100 creds. Phoenix’s ‘Curveball’, Skye’s ‘Guiding Light’, Sova’s ‘Shock Bolt’, Yoru’s ‘Blindside’, Brimstone’s ‘Incendiary’, Jett’s ‘Updraft’, Breach’s ‘Flashpoint’, and Reyna’s ‘Leer’ all have also increased in cost by 50 creds. In addition, Sova’s ‘Owl Drone’ and Viper’s ‘Snake Bite’ both cost 100 more creds.

It’s not just the agent’s abilities that are receiving adjustments to cost. Quite a few weapons in the shop have their prices either decreased and increased. For example, the Stinger is having its price reduced from 1100 to 950 creds, the Operator is cut down to 4700 creds from 5000, while the Judge will have its price increased from 1600 to 1850 creds.

The battle pass for Episode 3, Act 1, will be live from June 22 to August 24. Included will be three new gun skin collections, which will be the Jigsaw collection for the ‘Ghost’ muffled handgun, ‘Judge’ shotgun, and ‘Guardian’ assault rifle; the Monarch collection for the ‘Shorty’ short barrel shotgun, ‘Frenzy’ smg, ‘Bucky’ long barrel shotgun, and ‘Marshal’ sniper rifle; and the K/TAC collection for the ‘Sheriff’ handgun, ‘Bulldog’ smg, ‘Operator’ sniper rifle, and the ‘Vandal’ assault rifle. There will also be some new player cards and sprays.

And that’s just what we know now! It’s definitely possible that there will be more to come in Episode 3, so stay tuned for more news!

Developed and published by Riot Games, Valorant is free-to-play and currently released for Microsoft Windows, and plans are being made to develop a mobile version.

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