V4 – stunning visuals mixed with autoplay overkill

V4 is an MMORPG mobile/PC cross-platform title developed and published by Nexon in 2020. The game is available for iOS and Android, provides content variety, more than 50 character customization options, and an open world. The gameplay is set in a lush realm, where players establish alliances and participate in various field boss battles.

Although a mobile game, V4 is robust, and it surprises with a large scale of vibrant sceneries and locations that look detailed compared to most titles in this genre. However, it slows down when you move through areas with many inhabitants, but the lag doesn’t disrupt the game.

V4 is unique due to a variety of classes that include the Gunslinger and Slayer. Each has its advantages, but some feel better than others. For instance, it seems that melee characters don’t get as much damage as the ranged ones. Overall, the Enchantress can survive for a long time due to being a powerful character with impressive features.

The charm of the game is to let yourself explore and try out different heroes. V4 has various remarkable skills among the classes, and you can also reach skill books as you progress. After that, you can customize them and adjust them to your preferences.

Moreover, V4 introduces a talent tree, and you can leverage it to put your points after you reach level 51. Thanks to that, you can uncover more character customization options. The game offers a plentitude of hairstyles, hair colors, and skin tones, but most of the classes are, unsurprisingly, female. Hence, you might notice fewer options for the male characters as many of these custom features are limited to a particular gender.

Overall, V4 thrives on stunning visuals, details, and flashy graphics. In that way, it surpasses most mobile games, and it often makes you forget it’s not a PC release. Indeed, V4 is cross-platform, allowing you to play on your computer or laptop and then finishing the game on your mobile phone.

However, V4 isn’t overly suitable for a PC, and it has all the components that make it great for mobile. Other than that, the game is similar to other mobile MMORPGs, such as Lineage 2: Revolution. Hence, V4 has a lot of autoplay, resource-hunting, and PvP.

But what about the game itself? What makes V4 different, and is it worth your time?

Here are our thoughts.

V4 lacks elements that could make it unique

V4 is hardly innovative or different compared to other games in the genre. It’s a decent MMORPG that adds subtle enhancing touches to the gameplay. For example, the game allows you to choose whether you’ll attack an opponent fighting against another player, which is a rare option during the autoplay.

Moreover, you can avoid quest dialogues. Although it’s typically helpful or entertaining to pay attention to these sections, V4 doesn’t do the best job when it comes to voice acting.

Another benefit is that it doesn’t burden you with microtransactions, which often happen in similar releases. Thanks to that, you can pay for one subscription only, but it’s only 10 USD, and it enables benefits, such as a higher attack.

Ultimately, V4 is still in the range of those games that encourage you to pay to win, but if you’re an MMORPG veteran, you already know that’s a given. On the other side, the game struggles with various slip-ups that affect your overall experience.

For instance, be ready to spend a lot of gear scrolls on upgrades and weapons that you won’t be able to transfer once you get new equipment. Plus, V4 doesn’t always allow automatic quest rewards acceptance, and you can’t change the gender of your character. As a result, the majority of character customization options turn out to be useless.

When it all comes together, V4 doesn’t have any distinctive benefits compared to other games in the genre. Indeed, it’s a stellar MMORPG, but you will probably turn to other games if looking for customizing your characters, such as World of Kings.

V4 also fails to provide more freedom concerning the upgrade system, and it almost makes it pointless. Because of that, the game might hit all the right points when needed to attract new players. Yet, those who have experience with MMORPGs will want to see something novel and have a unique experience. These players probably won’t find anything that makes them want to stay playing longer.

Moreover, it doesn’t even feel like a game at some points due to the overuse of autoplay. You might find yourself watching as the action unfolds, but there’s not much that you can do. Almost as if V4 would work better as a playable movie.

In that way, the gameplay tends to feel shallow, and it takes a lot of control from the player. For example, your character will often run on their own, slay the opponents as they find fit, and move forward with the quests the way they want. In the end, you might lose interest because your presence isn’t crucial for the game.

Great for new players, not recommendable for MMORPG veterans

The best part of V4 is probably the stunning visuals. It looks mesmerizing, and the attention to detail is visible. The game also introduces nice tweaks that make it a decent MMORPG, but that still doesn’t compensate for its weak spots.

V4 doesn’t add anything new to the genre, and the autoplay often feels like an overkill that shuts down the enthusiasm. The final result is that new players could probably find this mobile game engaging enough, but the MMORPG veterans won’t find it worthy of playing more than a few hours.

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