Township – slow-paced and soothing

Township is a free-to-play combination of city-building and farming video games, developed and published by Playrix in 2012. This single-player and co-op-friendly game is available on Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, Google Play, and Microsoft Store. The gameplay centers around developing a town and turning it into a fertile environment where one can harvest crops, run factories, and produce and sell goods.

Initially, Townships began as an Adobe Flash application players could share on a social network Whatsapp. Due to a great reception, developers released the game on various platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows.

Players can also enjoy Township on Facebook, where they can interact with other players and create connections. Moreover, networking is beyond significant for this game because players should keep in touch to develop their towns and foster growth by turning to friends for help.

Township also includes the Zoo, which players can unlock after level 24. Nevertheless, they have to invest 5000 coins to build it. Besides this introduction, players can use their in-game currency to donate to friends’ trains and planes.

Another curious element of the game is co-op ability, which is available to players after level 19. Thanks to that, they can interact with more ease with each other. Players can also engage in regatta races with their teammates and earn rewards.

Even though Township is free-to-play, that doesn’t mean there are no in-game purchases. If you want to accelerate construction, get new materials, decor, or Tcash (Township’s currency), you can purchase these commodities and streamline your gameplay.

But in case you don’t have enough in-game money, you can use the real one for in-app purchases to buy additional decorations and features for your town. You can also purchase Tcash because, after all, Township is a freemium game.

The game received favorable critics to a large extent, and it reached 120 million downloads by November 2017. Hence, it is no surprise that Township is highly popular and that over 3.5 million people play this game every day.

But is Township still worth your time in 2021? Does it meet the high expectations its popularity imposes? We played it for you.

Here are our thoughts.

Relaxing and involving

The game has various features, upgrades, and levels. For instance, players have trains on disposal, and they can use them to pack and send goods. These trains also come back with the necessary materials to finish building construction, expand the capacity of barns, and extend territories.

Thus, when players pass level 21 and restore the mine, they can get mining appliances from the trains. You can unlock the first train after you reach level five, and that one is free. However, the next ones won’t be. Once you get to level 14, you’ll be able to get a second train, but you’ll have to pay 1000 coins. Later on, you can purchase the third one for 14,000 coins.

Township includes multiple assignments, and one of them is to restore the airport at level 17. The cost is 1500 coins, and after that, you’ll get the invite to fill crates. For that, you’ll earn additional coins and XPs. Of course, the game allows you to ask someone for help, but you can do this only once per row. In case you don’t tap the send button, airplanes will immediately take off.

Mine is another entertaining part of the game that you’ll unlock once you get to level 21. You’ll get to repair them for 3000 coins. Other elements you’ll encounter at levels 24 and 29 are the Zoo and Port. These will take substantial time to build and develop, as well as more coins than previous elements.

Even though Townships requires spending coins from time to time, it’s not the typical free-to-play building game that subtly aims to take as much money as possible from the players. Instead, you’ll achieve progress and still encounter great content even if you only spend in-game currency. The game won’t punish you or surprise you with a lack of available moves if you decide to avoid spending.

Another thing that makes Townships enjoyable is its simple formula that focuses on building homes and businesses. If you love the joy of ordinary life, you will likely find farming and preparing the production soothing.

You can decide what to build, and everything aligns well with your level. Hence, in the beginning, you’ll purchase tiny houses and elementary farming buildings because your goal is to create a thriving town and increase its population. That will take a bit of strategic thinking because you should think about which objects are essential for your citizens, such as hospitals.

The more you build, the more you’ll grow and progress. As a result, you will reach higher levels and various kinds of available constructions for you to purchase. The most important is to ensure expansion and that each building and house can fit well and address inhabitants’ needs.

Keep in mind that you need to have a particular number of coins and population to clear out the woods and use the area to expand the town. Also, remember to take care of animals because they produce food, such as eggs and milk. It is why you should complete all the necessary tasks and reach levels. That will allow you to earn new crop batches, expand your fields, and feed the animals.

None of this happens instantly. Whatever you do, it will take some time, but Township isn’t that strict about this rule. Because of that, you probably won’t have to spend more than six hours building something and achieve progress.

The graphics and visuals aren’t the most stunning you will see, but they deliver and contribute to this colorful and peaceful world. Thus, you can share this experience with friends or make new ones while playing the game.

Fun but might get a tad monotonous after a few weeks

Township doesn’t have almost any action, and its charm lies in its slow-burning pace. The game is inherently fun, but after some time, it might get monotonous.

However, if you want to relax and spend time in a soothing world where you can interact with your real-life friends and meet new people, you won’t regret playing Township.

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