Toon Blast – simplicity and entertainment wrapped in adorable visuals

Toon Blast app is a cartoon puzzle game for iOS and Android devices, developed and published by Peak Games in 2017. The game centers around solving puzzles and immersing in various challenges, such as removing a quota of colored blocks or, for example, a particular number of balloons. The goal is to help the friendly Toon gang, made of Bruno Bear, Cooper Cat, and Wally Wolf, on their journey through magical worlds.

Wrapped in cutesy visuals and adorable cartoon characters, Toon Blast comes off as an engaging game for children, offering simple gameplay. Even though it doesn’t bring anything novel to the table, it is addictive enough to keep kids entertained for a few hours.

The gameplay consists of lining up a quota of colored blocks, clearing them out, and leaving the board clean. The tasks change over time, becoming more difficult as you progress. Later on, the game may ask you to remove purple and red sections or just enough for the balloons to fall and fit in the board’s bottom.

Completing the tasks will reward you with various tools, such as rockets or disco balls. If you achieve it, you’ll also collect stars that you can gather and later receive more rewards of a similar kind.

Even though Toon Blast is free-to-play, the app doesn’t enforce watching endless ads on players. The experience is smooth compared to similar games because you can enjoy various rounds without being overly exposed to marketing. Thanks to that, interruptions are minimal.

However, this is not to say that there are no purchases available. In Toon Blast, you can buy coins that you can later utilize when without the moves. These will cost you minimally 1.99 USD, but the prices go up to $99.99. Another perk that the game offers is the opportunity to participate in a group chat or join a team after you reach level 20.

As a game that targets a young audience (13+), it blocks all the posts that include profanity. However, if parents want to be sure that their child is safe from inappropriate behaviors, it is recommendable to disable the chat option.

Other than that, you might wonder whether Toon Blast is worth your or your kid’s time. We gave it a try, and here are our thoughts.

Cute game against the lockdown boredom

Toon Blast doesn’t appear to be anything that most players haven’t already seen. Yet, that might be what makes it enjoyable. It is simple, easy to understand, and fun, especially for the younger audience.

The game follows the match-two puzzle principle, making it even smoother than the usual ones based on the match-three formula. Plus, it unfolds in a cartoon-themed setting that comes with adorable characters that kids will love. As a result, Toon Blast also feels comforting and familiar, which people need in excess these days.

We’ve been dealing with an overwhelming uncertainty in the last twelve months, making games like this one feel like a friendly hug. Toon Blast packs up adorable, colorful visuals and uncluttered gameplay, positioning itself as a perfect pastime for kids and even grown-ups looking for a relaxing and cute app.

Besides, this game is not only about mindless fun. It has objectives, levels, and achievements. Players have to make a particular quota of moves to reach the goals. The tasks vary from clearing out several colored boxes to shattering crates.

It is recommendable to try to build these colorful sections first to increase the odds of receiving bonuses. You can use these rewards late, for example, to eliminate all the boxes of one color. It is where you get to do a bit of strategizing in generally simple gameplay.

Moreover, Toon Blast has a vintage soundtrack, playing tunes from old cartoons that older players could find attractive and nostalgic. Hence, kids could get to appreciate some old-school songs while adults can enjoy a trip down to memory lane.

The game also doesn’t display glitches or bugs, running smoothly across different devices. Toon Blast plays without any issues on Android tablets and iPod touch. However, since kids appear to be the principal audience, there should be an option that prevents the app from asking them to purchase packages.

Another issue that Toon Blast struggles with is that it can become repetitive once you pass certain levels. It is when you have to replay them until the devs come up with new ones. But, in that case, you have to be more efficient than new players to earn your daily task reward. For example, you might have to reach 300 bombs while newbies have to get only 100.

On the flip side, levels are engaging, and the team dynamics make the challenges more immersive. Moreover, it might even get difficult to pass some tasks, but that’s where the fun lies and keeps you enjoying the game.

It is also what makes it appealing and addictive to adults. When all the pieces come together, Toon Blast is a simple entertainment with fun but challenging levels that prevent boredom.

Caters to the needs of both children and adults

Although Toon Blast looks more like a game for children due to its colorful visuals and cute cartoon characters, it offers enough fun and challenges to be engaging regardless of demographic.

Plus, it gets regular updates and novelties that keep it fresh and ensure that players will keep coming back to this simple yet addictive app.

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