Tibia: the oldest known MMORPG game?

Tibia is an MMORPG video game, were exploring the eponymous land in search of treasures and fighting monsters, we develop the features and skills created by our hero. The game of freedom is based on old-school graphics and ultimately lack of sound.

The feedback from the players of Tibia clearly shows that it has been outstanding since its release. Tibia is a very old game, released on January 7, 1997, developed and published by CipSoft.

It has reached the peak of its popularity after the ten years of its released. Tibia is one of the oldest and a successful hardcore massively multiplayer online game. It was probably the first MMORPG at that time. In the game, people worldwide meet on at a virtual playground to explore areas, solve tricky riddles, and undertake heroic exploits. Currently, the game has more than half-million active users from over 200 countries.

Tibia Gameplay

Tibia is a combination of several things in which players have to solve puzzles, team-up with other players to discover the playground, and use their characters’ abilities in the magical and mysterious world when required.

Unlike other games, you have to make the character for the game on the website of Tibia for some reason rather than in the game. The character outfit is easily customizable to give the look of your choice.

The game starts with a tutorial island where you can get familiar with the controls and understand the gameplay. You can interact with other online players, chat with them, and even get and provide aid to them in the game.

You can easily move your character in the game by just clicking on the map.

Vocations in Tibia

Each vocation in Tibia has to offer a different gameplay experience. It usually depicts what kind of weapons they use, how they make money to buy utilities, what kind of enemies they prefer to hunt, and many more things that change with the different vocation.

There are four types of characters commonly know as vocations in Tibia:

  • Valorous knightTibia
  • Nimble paladin
  • Mysterious druid
  • Mighty sorcerer

A Knight is the master of the fight. Playing with this vocation can give you an edge in close-range fights and melee weapons attacks. They advance faster in fist, sword, club, and axe fighting and shielding.

A Paladin is a curious form of vocation. It will allow you to fight with bows and crossbows while keeping a safe distance from the enemies. It is also an average magic user that can help in destroying enemies easily.

A Druid is a supportive and defensive form of vocation. It has the abilities of healing and supportive magic. It also possesses the power and knowledge about ice and Earth elements that will help explore and gather more useful supplies.

A Sorcerer is completely a magic-based vocation. It has the abilities of aggressive and offensive magic that will vanish the enemies in a blink. Moreover, it is the master of Fire, Energy, and the other Death elements.

You can play the game with any of these characters, each with its unique powers. These characters have various skills that can be raised in training. Each vocation has a different amount of capacity to store supplies, hitpoints for the enemies, and mana that is gained with each level of advancement. A vocation can be chosen when the player leaves the tutorial island Dawnport and enters the Mainland.

Spells in Tibia

Tibia also has several types of spells that you can use against the enemies to have different destructive results on the enemies and progressive results on yourself.

The spells are of the type:

  • Attack Spells
  • Support Spells
  • Healing Spells
  • Conjure Spells

Mana is an attribute behind all the magical stuff in Tibia. To cast any spell (except house spell), you will need mana to be effective. In the game, Mana is also necessary to create runes, and in some cases, mana is even required to use runes.

Mainly, there are two categories of spells in the game:

  • Instant spells
  • Rune spells

Instant spells are the spells that will give you instant and direct results.

Rune spells are the spells that can turn Black rune into one or more spell rune.

There are dozens of spells with different effectivity and can be purchasable in the shop with an in-game currency that you can earn with winning fights and gathering from the game.

Levels in Tibia

The leveling system in Tibia represents the experience of the player. Every player starts with level 1, and levels keep on increasing after they win fights and complete certain tasks. At every higher level, a player is rewarded with some perks and enhancement in its character. Moreover, it will also unlock and give you access to more playgrounds.

With every level, you will get extra health points, extra mana, extra capacity, and extra speed to survive and fight against harder enemies. The level of a player also has a small effect on the spell and melee damage.

The number of levels to be gained in Tibia is not finite. You will keep become an experienced player in the game.

Creatures in Tibia

The creatures in Tibia can be found everywhere in the land.

There are hundreds of creatures present in Tibia. The following are some of them:

  • Deer
  • Rabbits
  • Dragon
  • Slimes
  • Dwarves
  • Wolf
  • Demons

Every time a creature dies, it leaves a corpse that can be utilized for many purposes.

In short, the gameplay of Tibia is quite easy as compared to new hardcore games, but the game has amazingly tiny details.

Is Tibia a pay-to-win game?

Tibia is a pay-to-win game for many reasons.

The game comes up with two account options. One is a freemium account, and the second one is a premium account.

The free account has the standard gameplay perks, while the premium account will give you boosted experience and stat gain consumables.

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