Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is an endless running game created by Imangi Studios, where you’ll work to escape the enemy. On your route, you’ll need to escape all of the obstacles and traps that are in your way to avoid delaying your way to victory. In the game, you’ll climb cliffs, mines, and forests, and you’ll try to help the treasure hunter escape with the coveted gold idol. However, to make things even trickier, the evil monkey monsters are chasing you on your journey. It’s an exciting and adventure-packed journey that you are sure to love.

A new temple to explore is the Frozen Shadows. Here you need to escape through different zones, including ice caves and narrow ledges. The ice is very slippery, so you might want to put ice skates on to help you on your way! The original game, Temple Run, worked to redefine mobile gaming, so fans were excited when they announced another adventure in Temple Run 2. If you’ve never played this sequel to the original game, expect new graphics and environments, challenging obstacles, more powerups and achievements, and a bigger monkey. Each character now has special powers, so you’ll always enjoy a different experience no matter how many times you play!

How to Play Temple Run 2

Swipe left and right – Move or turn
Swipe down – Slide
Swipe up – Jump

AD or Left and right – Move or turn
W or Up arrow – Jump
S or Down arrow – Slide

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