Teamfight Tactics – Patch 11.12

A new patch just arrived for Team Fight Tactics, and features a new event, adjustments made to champions and items to improve balancing, quality-of-life improvements, along with some bug fixes.

According to the official patch notes, the intention behind this patch was to deliver new ways to play, new win conditions and mechanics, and overall to keep the game fresh and fun for players.

The “Skyglass Origins” event is open for player participation from June 15th to July 7th and will reward players for completing missions, with each mission earning the player 10 Star Shards. There are a total of 15 missions, and the last 3 will also reward players with a Magical Misfits Little Legends egg, and two emotes. This event is available to all players for free. Skyglass eggs will be available for purchase in the TFT shop during this event, costing 390 Riot Points ($2.99 USD). Skyglass eggs have a chance to drop URF Dowsie, the first Mythic tier Little Legend.

One somewhat significant change made to the game in this patch is a nerf to critical strike damage, which has been reduced from +150% to only +130%. Because several items amplify critical strike, many of these items have become part of the meta, and almost all competitive players include them in their setup. Recognizing that, the TFT balance team decided it would be better to make critical strike a little less strong to encourage players to consider using other strategies for their offensive items.

Certain champions are also receiving some changes for balancing some cases in the form of a buff, such as a damage increase to Lissandra’s daggers and Vayne’s silver bullets. Another balancing changes are nerfs. For example, Brand’s mana lock will be increasing from 1 second to 1.5 seconds, which is in response to a strategy being developed by players due to an odd bug that caused some of his abilities to cast twice instead of once when Brand is equipped with Blue Buff. Both the damage and healing capabilities for Hecarim’s ‘Spirit of Dread’ have been decreased, while damage is also being reduced for LeBlan’s ‘Ethereal Chain’ and Riven’s attack damage.

Several items have also been changed to improve balance. Most of the changes appear to be buffs, but there was a nerf to both ‘Bloodthirster’ lifesteal and ‘Titan’s Revenge’ damage. ‘Hand of Justice’ received an increase in its attack damage and ability power, while the self-damage for ‘Riskthirster’ has been decreased. The mana ratio is being increased for both the ‘Archangel’s Staff’ and the ‘Archdemon’s Staff of Immortality’, along with the magic resist shred for ‘Ionic Spark’. They have also changed the name of the ‘Vengeful Trap Claw’ to ‘Banshee’s Claw’.

There have also been some minor changes made here and there to improve player enjoyment. For example, on the PC version of Teamfight Tactics, the lobby will now allow players to click their portrait to quickly switch between your Little Legend’s icon and your Summoner icon. They also fixed some bugs in this patch, including a couple of bugs that caused Vel’Koz and Pantheon to not switch to a new target when their current target becomes untargetable, and another that blocked Rell from being properly credited shielding in the Shields & Healing chart. In addition, units will no longer change Kennen if he dashes away.

We’re fairly pleased to see all these welcome balancing changes and bug fixes, which along with the new events, make this a fairly successful patch. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest TFT news.

Released in 2019 for Windows and macOS, Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is a unique game mode in League of Legends (although it is available as a standalone app on iOS and Android). Eight players build up an army and fight to the last player standing. Teamfight Tactics features cross-platform play.

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