Team Fight Tactics – Patch 11.24

The latest patch for Team Fight Tactics is absolutely massive it’s a challenge just to process how much has been changed, read here for a quick summary of the most important information!

As mentioned, just a few days ago the makers of TFT, Riot Games, released a truly gargantuan update to the game that could leave a lot of players with not enough time to read through and actually absorb. With that in mind, we’ve combed through to select the most interesting and important updates to Team Fight Tactics.

Nearly 30 champions were either nerfed or buffed as a result of this update. Changes were made to numerous stats including max health or mana, attack damage or speed, armor and magic resistance, and the strength of abilities. The champion that received the most significant buff is definitely Shaco, whose health was increased from 650 to 700, mana increase from 40/80 to 50/90, and has had the damage of his ‘Deceive’ ability increase from 75-125 to 90-130. The following champions also received a buff: Zyra, Cho’gath, Fiora, Sion, Akali, and Galio. As for the nerfs, the champion that was nerfed the most is probably Lissandra, whose ‘Iron Maiden’ ability has been rebalanced very significantly by decreasing its damage, duration, and attack damage debuff. The following champions were nerfed: Garen, Camile, Darius, Katarina, Trundle, Blitzcrank, Taric, Samira, Jhin, Jayce, and Viktor.

Almost all augments have been rebalanced. Heart Augments will now grant the player a champion of the same trait (for example the Scholar Heart summons Lissandra), while Gold Augments have been renamed as Crests and also will grant a champion of that trait (for example the Bruiser Crest summons Trundle). As for Prismatic Augments (called Crowns and Souls) have been adjusted to now grant two emblems.

Interestingly, the changes made to items are rather limited compared to all the other changes. ‘Blue Buff’ was given a new ability that grants additional 20 mana, ‘Frozen Heart’ had its attack speed debuff increased from 25% to 35%, while the ‘Ionic Spark’ had its maximum mana damage ratio decreased to 200% from 225%.

Lastly, we can cover some of the bugs that were fixed. Many of the issues that were resolved were relatively innocuous, while some were very serious. That being said, here are some of the most important bugs that shouldn’t be bothering players anymore.

  • The victory sequence visual effect will not be continuously repeated after the champion is hidden.
  • The ‘double up’ victory sequence will no longer display an empty board instead of the game’s winners.
  • Units will no longer be moved instantly to the bench and back to the battlefield when using the ‘Deploy to Battlefield/Return to Bench’ hotkey.
  • Casting spells will no longer cause ‘Set Six’ Champions to randomly switch targets.

As we said, there was just an enormous amount of ground to cover here with this latest update to Team Fight Tactics, so we did our best to give you the best and quickest summary possible. This is very likely going to be the last update for TFT this year, so we’ll see you in 2022 for the next patch. Who knows whether it’s going to be a big or a small one. I guess we’ll find out soon!

Released in 2019 for Windows and macOS, Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is a unique game mode in League of Legends (although it is available as a standalone app on iOS and Android) in which eight players build up an army and fight to the last player standing. Teamfight Tactics features cross-platform play.

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