Among Us
January 9, 2021
Among Us – Is the review really necessary?
Among Us reaches new heights of popularity. Is the success of this game lies in simplicity? Find it out.
Among Us 100 players
January 2, 2021
Among Us – Funny moments
The most interesting, funniest moments in Among Us? Probably not one of you was looking for them. We found them for you.
Among Us - 500 million active players
January 1, 2021
Among Us – 500 million active users in November
Within a few months, Among Us grew into one of the most popular games in the world. Well, as SuperData analysts report, In November..
December 22, 2020
Among Us – Game of the Year?
Among Us is not a typical multiplayer online game. Our goal is, together with other players, to prepare the spaceship for the journey.