In this game you play as a little man with an extending stick. In each level you will stand on a pillar and you will need to cross to the next pillar. From there you just continue to move to the next one and the next one. You can earn gems by flipping to the underside of the stick, and you can use these gems to buy a different stick freak. (There doesn’t appear to be any difference in gameplay as it seems only to be a cosmetic change).


On PC you will hold the left click down to extend the stick to the desired length.
On tablets or phones you would hold your finger on the touchscreen.


The stick needs to be the exact length to reach the next pillar. If the stick is too long or too short it will lead to game over and you will need to restart from zero.

Practice makes perfect. As you play you slowly but surely will get the hang of being better at correctly estimating the right distance between each pillar.

While your stick freak is crossing you can click again to make it flip to the underside of the stick to grab a gem. You will need to click again to return to the topside. But be careful, if you remain on the underside of the stick for too long you will fall down when you reach the other side and that will be a game over.

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