Stardew Valley: a 16-bit style simulator game

Stardew Valley is a pixel-based simulator RPG developed by ConcernedApe, and available on PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, IOS, Andriod, and PS4. This 16-bit style game really delights. See for yourself by reading our article.

Stardew Valley is similar to games like Golf Club, or Harvest moon, and even Minecraft. You make your own goals and adventures in this game, from mining to fishing, to hunting, to farming, to anything really.

You start the game as you inherit your grandfather’s old farm and learn how to live independently. While exploring around, you will encounter NPS and important things that will help you along the way.

Over time, things will change around you, and as time progresses, the player will notice different things approaching you and different seasons to witness.


  • So many things to do

Stardew Valley has a plethora of activities and things to do in the game. Seriously this game is filled with content, ranging from Mining to farming, to fishing, to fighting, to exploring, to pretty much anything!

The possibilities of things to do in this game are nearly endless, the player will seldom get bored considering that theirs so much to do, and the game is filled with content.

  • Great multiplayer

Stardew Valley has a superb multiplayer. The multiplayer in this game is one of a kind and is truly remarkable and a blast to play through! You can connect with other players across the globe and connect with them. Players can visit your farms and vice versa. You can team up to build and do other things as well.Stardew Valley

The multiplayer in this game is fantastic. One of Stardew Valleys’ golden features is that multiplayer allows you to farm, create, and build much faster than the standard single-player mode. Multiplayer is also a great way to play with friends and family and engage with other people. It is indeed a very comforting and enjoyable experience to have.

  • Well-rounded game

Just like Minecraft, Stardew Valley has so many features that appeal to several types of gamers. If you like calm, peaceful, and innocent sandbox-style games, like Minecraft, or the Golf Story, then you will most certainly enjoy Stardew Valley. If you like RPGs, like The Legend of Zelda, or Octopaths Traveler, then you will indeed enjoy this game. Overall this game has a lot of features that make it extremely appealing for certainly almost all gamers.


  • Unoriginal game

In general, Stardew Valley feels a bit repetitive when it comes to the whole “sandbox genre” of games because it feels like Minecraft 2D in a way. Unfortunately, because of this factor, the game, in general, tends to have a similar feel to other popular sandbox games on the market, like Minecraft and Harvest moon.

  • 16-bit style may not appeal to everyone

I personally think the 16-bit style gives the game a charm. However, there will most definitely be players out there who will not be satisfied with this graphical choice. If 16-bit/retro-looking games don’t appeal to you, you will probably have trouble playing this game.

Should you buy Stardew valley?

Stardew Valley is by no means a perfect sandbox-style RPG game. However, it is, without a doubt, a lot of fun to play through and hours of enjoyment to be had. Although it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, for RPG lovers and sandbox game lovers, this game is a match made in heaven.

Stardew Valley can be purchased on the Steam store for $15, or you can buy it on console/mobile devices for around the same price.

For roughly 15$ you are getting insane value for your buck. This game has so much to offer the player that it is totally worth the price. Even for people who may not be interested in the game initially, it may convince the player otherwise at this low price.

Overall, Stardew Valley is a beautiful and colorful world to experience. With so many activities to embark on and so many adventures to be had, there are hours of fun to be had with this game and many possibilities for the player to choose from. This game is great for multiplayer because it allows the players to engage and explore places together.

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