The objective of Ski King is to get through levels of increasing difficulty by correctly skiing down a course in which you will need to ski on the correct side of each flag. You will also be timed, meaning it is possible to improve your speed. You will start on level 1, and you must complete each level in order to move onto the next one. It will record your best time for each level.


Use the left arrow key to turn left, and the right arrow key to turn right.


The controls are pretty sensitive so you don’t need to hold down either arrow key for very long to turn the skis enough to dodge around the flags. Very brief holds or even light taps of the key is often enough.

Don’t oversteer because it is incredibly difficult to correct. Remember that you don’t need to be far away from the flag, you just need to be on the correct side. You can be very close and in fact there is no penalty for knocking a flag down.

The flags will have an arrow on it indicating which side you must be on. The blue flags are right and the red flags are left.

Look ahead so you can see what maneuvering you need to do before you need to do it.

React quickly because you often will need to start turning immediately after passing a flag in order to be on the correct side of the next flag.

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