Rust – World Revamp to include incredible graphical improvement

This month Rust will receive a complete overhaul to its graphics, improvements to performance, additional content, along with some bug fixes, and some pretty swanky Twitch Drops.

Rust is receiving a truly earth-shattering update, the likes of which have not been seen in ages! Players have been blessed by mind-blowing improvements to the graphics, including new terrain and better textures for trees, grass, rocks, cliffs, bushes, plants, snow, cliffs, cars, signs, and loads of other objects. Most of the new visuals were developed as part of the transition of Rust to the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) of Unity that ultimately was scrapped because game performance would not be satisfactory. Instead, the developers decided to port the graphics over to the current version of the game.

The developers have also been working on fixing a large number of persistent issues involving monuments and world procedural generation in the last couple of months. In the official update announcement, the developers provided examples of changes to desert terrain that represent a much-needed improvement to the flora and geography of the biome.

In addition, monuments such as the Junkyard and Satellite Dish have been completely reworked to more seamlessly transition into the procedurally generated world. The Junkyard is one of the most visited locations in the game made sense that this area would receive some treatment. It appears the developers have been less than satisfied with the area for quite some time, so with this update, they have taken special care to better integrate the Junkyard into the game. Two very interesting new features exclusively for the Junkyard are a drivable magnet crane and a recycling shredder. With these, the player can drive around the Junkyard looking for vehicles suitable for recycling for scrap parts. The driveable magnet crate only operates within the Junkyard and will destroy itself if you attempt to drive it outside. Sorry, you can’t bring it back to camp or harass other players with it.

The developers also paid special attention to either maintain or improve game performance in as many areas as possible. Though they do mention that as this update adds much more content than it removes, they indicate that there overall won’t be a significant improvement to performance. One area of the game that has frequently received complaints as having very poor performance was the Bandit Town. In response to that, the developers have reduced the number of NPCs, decreased the density of trees, and redesigned the bandit’s huts, which should improve the area’s performance. The Bandit Town is also receiving an extra recycler.

There were a fair number of fairly simple improvements and fixes to the game; here are some highlights:

  • Players using GeForce GTX 900 Series or better can now use Nvidia Reflex by enabling it through the options menu, which can reduce input latency by as much as 38%.
  • Player gestures while on horses, boats, and seats have been improved
  • Several bugs related to poker tables have been fixed
  • 3rd person feedback when a player is alt looking has been restored
  • A large number of EU servers have been moved to new IP addresses. Players playing on an EU server should note that your server will disappear from your history and favorites list because of the server move.

One last bit of good news! From now until May 13th, players can earn special and unique skins just by watching a Rust Twitch streamer. Rust has teamed up with Abe, Tacularr, Shiphtur, PeterParkTV, Masayoshi, SpoonKid, imPheetus, Enardo, Brit, Berne, and Fuslie. These unique and interesting items can only be earned by watching their Twitch channels, and only during this limited time. So don’t miss out!

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