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RuneScape is an MMORPG video game, developed and published by Jagex in 2001. The gameplay centers around the medieval world called Gielinor, which consists of different fantasy kingdoms and cities.

RuneScape started as a browser game developed with Java, but a C++ programming language mostly replaced it in 2016. It is a game that broke the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest and most free-updated MMORPG.

Initially, it was released as a beta form in 2001, but it was re-released as RuneScape 2 and later as RuneScape 3 in 2013. Android and iOS users got to enjoy the mobile version of the game in 2018. Finally, RuneScape was published on Steam in 2020.

The game starts with a tutorial where players learn elementary skills, which grants them access to advisors that help them explore the towns with more ease and provide them with the necessary information. Players can further choose their goals, practice their abilities, and finish their missions. Besides, RuneScape allows interaction among players through mini-games where they can trade.

Customizable, interactive, and refreshing

With 18 free skills that players can learn, players can navigate the Gielinor realm, interact with NPCs, and earn points after utilizing these abilities. When you excel at a particular skill, such as mining or fishing, you will level up. That further enhances your capacity to retrieve feedstock and generate more products. Skill-level will determine your status in Gielinor and whether you appear in the scores.

Depending on the skill, you’ll be able to produce items for other abilities, eliminate some NPCs, build your house, etc. Combat is another significant element of RuneScape and probably the most immersive due to slaying monsters. Levels play a critical role in fights because they imply one’s authority in combat.

Players choose their opponent with a simple click, and the fight lasts until one is dead or retreats. Overall, combat has three types: melee, mana, and range, which depends on whether they are close range, or do they include casting spells or using a different medieval weapon, such as darts. NPCs and players are equal concerning the advantages and disadvantages in a fight.

Since the health points determine how long you’ll persevere in combat, after they reach zero, you die. However, particular drinks and food can regenerate your points. In 2021, the devs introduced new changes, such as the Combat triangle.

RuneScape also has the PvP option, which unfolds in the Wilderness area. The winners in each combat earn the items of their defeated opponent. Most NPCs are eligible for a fight, and they have particular weaknesses, which appear above their model. Moreover, while some monsters will only respond if you attack them, others will do it first. That is a higher threat for those who still didn’t reach particular levels in combat.

Another significant aspect of the game is quests that include storylines. It is your choice which one you’ll choose to pursue. However, keep in mind that you’ll have to meet a few requirements because each of them demands a different combat level, skillset, or participation in previous tasks. Completing tasks will reward you with various items, money, area access, etc.

Comparing to the original release, 2020 RuneScape has stellar visuals, engaging animations, and modern graphics. One of the principal elements of RuneScape is choosing what you will pursue in the game. It allows you to decide how you will play and develop. The developers worked for 19 years on this majestic fantasy world. With the Gielinor in danger from the Elder Gods, you get to be a hero, save this magical realm, and enjoy all the options game allows.

Discover the world playing with friends or immerse yourself in a solo adventure. The opportunities are almost endless, which makes the quests that more engaging. It is not required to be a member to access a myriad of options and even try out skills typically not available for free. Besides, Steam’s RuneScape beams with players and new people at all times, which allows you to be a part of an interactive, engaging, and friendly experience.

The frequent updates and patches took the game to the next level. Thanks to that, you can fast-travel, and stamina regen and combat are smoother. Moreover, you’ll probably enjoy daily challenges that result in unique rewards. Overall, the inventory system is improved, and the game’s mechanics feel sleek and effortless.

The content is plentiful, and there’s always something new to do and areas to explore. However, you might become overwhelmed with the possibilities because RuneScape requires your time and dedication to reach your objectives.

On the other side, although you can switch to a classic combat style, the new one takes some time to get used to it. But once you get to experience the high game customizability, all the adjustments and challenges will fade in comparison.

Pure classic

RuneScape was a guilty pleasure and childhood companion of many players since day one. The regular updates and new versions kept the game fresh and relevant while also maintaining and improving quality.

Despite being 20 years old, RuneScape is still going strong and keeping its popularity and profits. It is undoubtedly one of the most engaging and visually pleasing MMORPGs that manages to stay faithful to the original gameplay and values.

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