Rocket League – Season 4

The next season of Rocket League begins in just a few days. Read here for more information about exciting new features of the game, including the return of classic extra game modes and a new way to engage online with other players competitively and earn rewards!

After weeks of speculation and a distinct lack of officially confirmed information being made public, some info is finally coming to light about the next season for Rocket League. To start, we do know that Season 4 will launch on the 11th of August. (Just a reminder to readers that this is the 4th season to launch after Rocket League was made free-to-play, that is to say, that Season 4 is the 18th season since Rocket League’s launch in 2015). As the last season (Season 3) kicked off on April 7th, the release of Season 4 on August 11th is about on time as expected.

The huge news at this point is that the Psyonix team is introducing new 2v2 tournaments for the first time, which fans have very frequently requested since the beginning when the game was originally released back over 5 years ago. It appears that the 2v2 tournaments will function exactly like the regular 3v3 tournaments, meaning that it is based on a 32 team single-elimination bracket and that players are matched based on a competitive level in order to make the competition more balanced. To accommodate the extra tournaments, there will now be about 8 – 13 tournaments initiated every week depending upon the region and will be continuously monitored by Psyonix so they can adjust the schedule as needed.

Aside from the new 2v2 tournament, this season will also feature Extra Mode Tournaments that will be on a daily cycle of Rumble, Hoops, Snow Day, and Dropshots. The Rumble mode of gameplay randomly adds 11 unique power-ups to the game, which can have various effects such as freezing the ball in place, swaps your position on the field with another player, or forces an opponent to drive with constant boost. The Hoops mode essentially replaces the Soccer-theme of the game with Basketball by replacing the goal with a basketball hoop. Snow Day is basically the same but with Hockey, by replacing the ball with a hockey puck. Dropshots game mode radically changes the objective of the game from the default by removing the goals entirely and allowing players to break hexagonal floor panels on the opposing team’s side of the field and scoring by knocking the ball into the holes. When playing in the Extra Mode, players will still be entered according to their Tournament Rank. Still, their rank will not be affected either positively or negatively by the outcome of an Extra Mode game tournament. However, they will still earn Tournament Credits and Tournament Winner Titles.

Lastly, a new Tournaments History user interface will be added to help players more easily manage and review their tournament performance by providing information such as the date and rank of the tournament and where the player placed. This new menu will be displayed on the Tournament home screen for easy access.

At the moment, it’s not yet clear what unlockable rewards will be available to those that purchase the Rocket Pass. That information is not usually available until the season officially launches. Additionally, it has been speculated that there will be a new car and a new arena, but that has yet to be confirmed. So we’ll just have to see on August 11th.

Rocket League is available to players on Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & PS5, and on the Nintendo Switch. Rocket League offers a multiplayer mode that can be played locally and online and features cross-platform play and cross-platform progression.

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