Rocket League – Season 3

Buckle-up because the next season of Rocket League is going to be among the most high-octane seasons since the game went free-to-play last Fall.

This April 7th will be the first day of Rocket League’s 3rd Season! Psyonix and Epic Games partner with NASCAR and Formula 1 to add licensed content based on those racing franchises, with NASCAR content being available in early May while Formula 1 content will be introduced a couple of weeks later. Alongside these new vehicles, the developers also add their own all-new muscle car to compete with NASCAR and Formula 1 called Tyranno, which has a Dominus hitbox and should be a solid vehicle.

Right away, the redesigned DFH Stadium (Circuit) will be ready for players to compete in, as it has been added to the Casual and Competitive playlists and will be available for Private Matches and Freeplay. According to the development team, it has been outfitted with a new track and a Sunday championship atmosphere.

As with the beginning of every season, new competitive tournament rewards become available, while the Rocket Pass will bring rewarding new content. In the case of this season, it includes 70+ tiers of new items and the Tyranno. There are some details of the Rocket Pass that have not yet been revealed and won’t be announced until next week. So, unfortunately, for more information, we will have to wait until then.

Interestingly, this is not the first time Rocket League has crossed over with major competitive sporting franchises, as the game has partnered with the NFL for Superbowl LV in 2020 and the WWE in 2017. However, this may be the first time the Rocket League has partnered with a sports franchise involving cars or racing.

Meanwhile, a new spinoff game called Rocket League Sideswipe has been announced for iOS and Android. This game will also be free-to-play! Players will compete in fast-paced 1v1 or 2v2 online matches. The gameplay will mostly be from an arcade-like horizontal side-view perspective, rather than the traditional 3D environment in the original game. Controls will be through intuitive touchscreen controls that should be familiar to almost anyone but particularly mobile gamers. According to the official announcement, players can also look forward to vehicles’ significant customizability, similar to Rocket League. Obviously, the gameplay’s goal in the mobile version of the game is essentially the same as its PC/console counterpart, as players will compete by using cars to knock a giant ball into a goal.

Since the title is still in the Alpha stage, it’s unclear how much of the game will change or remain the same and when exactly the game will actually be released. For the time being, players in Australia and New Zealand will be able to enter through the Google Play Store a limited-time Alpha test for Android. But if you’re not in that region, don’t worry. The developers indicated that there might be opportunities in other regions to join in on Beta tests in the coming months.

We can barely contain our excitement that we will be able to play two Rocket League games this year, both for free. NASCAR and Formula 1 fans will be rewarded with this new season, and more casual mobile games will be included through the release of Rocket League Sideswipe.

Rocket League is available on Windows, PS4 and PS5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game is also available on macOS and Linux, although online/multiplayer support has been dropped for these platforms.

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