Rocket League – NASCAR Fan Pack

The NASCAR Fan pack DLC was released on May 6th and will be available until May 12th. Included three new NASCAR vehicles, each with a selection of official NASCAR team decals. This is released to coincide with the NASCAR Cup Series race at Darlington Raceway on May 9th.

This month official content from NASCAR will be released for Rocket League (loyal readers will recall we touched on this roughly a month ago), and in a few weeks, we will be seeing a DLC for Formula 1 content as well. While Rocket League has partnered with other sports franchises like the NFL and WWE in the past and has worked with car companies such as Lamborghini to incorporate their products into the game, this appears to be the first time that Rocket League is partnering with an actual car-related sports organization, and the first time that Rocket League has included actual corporate sponsors.

Considered a part of Rocket League’s Season 3 update, the NASCAR 2021 Fan Pack will be available in the Item Shop for purchase and looks like it will cost 2000 credits (the equivalent of $20). While the cost frankly is a little steep for a simple cosmetic DLC, this may be the only opportunity to pick up some unique and limited edition content to show off to your friends. If you’re a true NASCAR fan, it will be hard to resist picking up these exciting official NASCAR cars and decals.

This NASCAR-themed DLC will include three new cars, the NASCAR Ford Mustang, the NASCAR Chevrolet Camaro, and the NASCAR Toyota Camry. Each of these three comes with a basic white livery and a NASCAR x RL decal. Aside from that, Nine NASCAR teams have allowed their team brand to be used as decals and player banners, each associated with a particular NASCAR car.

NASCAR Ford Mustang decals

  • Roush Fenway Racing #6 (featuring Oscar Meyer branding)
  • Stewart-Haas Racing #10 (featuring Smithfield branding)
  • Team Penske #22 (featuring Shell branding)

NASCAR Chevrolet Camaro decals

  • Chip Ganassi Racing #1 (featuring GW branding)
  • Richard Childress Racing #3 (featuring Bass Pro Shops branding)
  • Hendrick Motorsports #9 (featuring Napa Auto Parts branding)
  • Richard Petty Motorsports #43 (featuring Armor All branding)

NASCAR Toyota Camry decals

  • Joe Gibbs Racing #18 (featuring M&Ms branding)
  • 23XI Racing #23 (featuring McDonald’s branding)

It appears that aside from limitations in the game to include more teams, there also does not seem to be a direct financial incentive for NASCAR teams to agree to allow their branding to be included in the DLC. However, it stands to reason that the free marketing exposure to a new and young demographic is very valuable. In any case, it seems like this will be a long-term multi-year partnership, so it is speculated that there may be more NASCAR teams coming to Rocket League through DLC at some point in the future.

Also included with the DLC are official Goodyear Racing Wheels, but please note that these are only available for use on the aforementioned Nascar vehicles. In addition, these three NASCAR branded cars will have some limitations on player customizability.

Keep in mind that this DLC will only be available for a short time. (Although it’s worth noting that more NASCAR content may become available later on this year, and the developers indicated that this content might be re-released at some point to coincide with major NASCAR events) The NASCAR DLC becomes available on May 6th but will no longer be available after May 12th so don’t miss out on this opportunity to get some cool additional content!

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