Red Dead Redemption 2 Video Game Review

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open-world, action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar Studios and released by Rockstar Games in 2018. The third entry in the Red Dead franchise, Redemption 2 is a prequel to the 2010 game. Redemption 2 is set in the Wild Wes,t and it follows the mischievous adventures of the Van der Linde gang and its member, Arthur Morgan.

Displayed in first and third perspectives, the game allows you to wander freely through the open-world and enjoy its realistic, interactive, and immersive environment. The gameplay and graphics aren’t the only outstanding element of Red Dead Redemption 2

The devs worked on this visual masterpiece for over eight years, and the estimates show the final cost of the game runs between 370 and 540 million USD. Around 1,600 people worked on Redemption 2 production, and they used real-life locales as inspiration. Thanks to that, the game accurately reflects every detail of the physical world.

Undoubtedly, the effort and dedication Rockstar Studios gave to Redemption 2 paid off. It broke records, and it made 275 million USD in its opening weekend. Redemption 2 was awarded the best PS4 game of 2018 and the second-most discussed and shared PS4 release that year.

The critics also loved the game, praising every aspect, including the story and characters. Redemption 2 is at the top of the most visually mesmerizing games. Yet, its glory isn’t about the graphics and attention to detail only. Instead, Redemption 2 is a tale of corruption, outlaws, and rising capitalism.

Despite being set at the turn of the 20th century, it makes the Wild West look modern, taking the open-world and its authenticity to a new level. The game opens a world of possibilities as there are enough things to do and see to keep you entertained for hours. Besides, you can interact with NPCs and roam where your curiosity wants to go.

But is there more beyond the graphics and a staggering production budget? 


Redemption 2 has single-player and online multiplayer options, but you will mostly experience the game through Arthur Morgan. He is an outlaw that has to finish different missions. Each of them is linear, and completing your goals will take you further through the game.

Regardless of having clear objectives, you can explore the world, which will never be dull. As you roam wherever you please, you’ll get the genuine American West experience. The road will take you on a fascinating journey. You will encounter ambushes, bloody violence, and public executions.

Be wary because a wild animal could suddenly attack you, or you could witness all kinds of crimes. However, you can also participate in activities and events that are not connected to your principal mission. As you progress through the game, you will inevitably meet people in trouble who will ask you for help. If you want, you can accept, which is beneficial down the road.

How you behave towards characters you encounter on your journey will affect your reputation. Hence, be wise and help out when you know that your actions will be rewarded. Moreover, you can also participate in duels, play poker, blackjack, or go bounty hunting. Interacting with strangers is what makes the game more immersive and authentic.

As Redemption 2 pays attention to details, you will have to take care of food by hunting animals. It is no an easy process because you have to ensure you’re using the right weapon. Otherwise, you could end up with bad-quality meat.

If you’re not ready to go too deep into the reality of living like an outlaw, this game might be too much. The game requires animal skinning if you want to be fed and have resources. If you don’t do it right, you could become the prey of predators due to the smell. Overall, animals have are a significant factor in Redemption 2, particularly horses. They are the principal means of transport, and you’ll have to train them, feed them, and establish a bond.

Choices are one of the crucial aspects of the game. You will be judged according to how you respond to particular situations and NPCs due to the honor system. Hence, when you decide to help others, follow the rules, and act morally acceptable, your honor will increase.

On the other side, when you turn to crime, hurting others, and stealing, you will lose points. That is critical because reaching different Honor milestones will reward you with various benefits, such as store discounts. Yet, sometimes it also pays off not to be a law-abiding citizen because you’ll get more items from the corpses.

Always keep your principal mission in mind: you have to rebuild your gang and ensure bounty hunters and feds don’t take your freedom. But despite being full of challenges, Redemption 2 is not a typically adrenaline-fueled video game. Instead, it is a captivating slow-burner that wants you to go step by step until you meet the open-world where most of the game unfolds.


Redemption 2 is compelling because of its realism. Even if you’re not a Wild West enthusiast, you’ll enjoy the aesthetics and feeling like an untamed gangster running from the law. Some might find that the game is too meticulous because being Arthur means genuinely becoming him. You’ll have to take care of your appearance and get enough sleep.

Yet, that can help you experience the game on a deeper level and make you merge with the world of the Van der Linde gang. There are no ways to speed-up the timeline, although you’ll unlock a map that lets you travel faster eventually.

The game takes its time to unfold, but in return, you get to enjoy mesmerizing landscapes, talk with all characters, and enjoy its overall complexity. The pace could be the principal downside of Redemption 2, but still not critical enough to affect your satisfaction.

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