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The free-to-play game Apex Legends was originally released in February 2019, and at that time, was available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Fans around the world were excited to learn the game would be released on Nintendo Switch in March 2021, and plans are in place to expand the game to Android and iOS next year. Cross-platform play makes this game accessible and fun for everyone who plays.

This battle royale game was developed by Respawn Entertainment and is set in the science fiction universe that was first seen in both Titanfall and Titanfall 2. You’ll join up to twenty teams of three people each in a game or thirty two-person duos. Gameplay takes place on an island which shrinks as the game progresses. Players are forced to keep moving, or otherwise, they risk being eliminated from the game.

Apex Legends was kept a secret for the three years it was being developed and was a surprise for gamers around the world until its release. At the time, it was believed the company was working on the third Titanfall game, but instead, Apex Legends was released. The game has generally been well received by players and critics around the world, who love the gameplay and the fusion of the game. Within just one week, the game was played by an incredible 25 million people, which increased to 50 million by the end of the first month. As of April 2021, 100 million players are enjoying using Apex Legends.


While the game is free-to-play, there are ways in which it’s monetized. These are through loot boxes and microtransactions, where you can use the game’s currency or real money to purchase items.

At the start of each match, each player will choose one of the characters to play with, which you’ll only be able to use once in each team. You will all start the game on an aircraft before jumping out to reach the land. From there, you’ll begin to search for weapons and equipment that’s hidden around buildings and crates. At the same time, you need to keep an eye out for other squads who may be heading your way. A pin system is used to allow you to communicate with your squad and suggest strategies to help you get ahead with the game. The controls are generally very similar to other shooter games, with similar features to the Titanfall titles.

As the game progresses, the size of the safe zone gets smaller and smaller. If you find yourself outside of this zone, you may die if you don’t reach the marked area in time. The last squad will become the Apex Champions of the match, and you’ll receive the currency of the game depending on how well you did in the match.


Gamers return over and over again to Apex Legends, primarily due to the new seasons. Every three months, a new season is released, with new characters, cosmetic items, and weapons. This helps to keep things exciting for new and old players, which is why the game is still attracting millions of players each week. On May 4th, 2021, the next season, Legacy, will be released. Fans are excited to meet the newest legend, Valkyrie, and a new battle pass will be introduced.

On top of the seasons, there are also limited-time events. These are themed events that offer cosmetics that can only be earned in these games. With different themes and modes, these are another exciting development that make players return again and again to the game. As well as the main events, there are also minor events or limited-time game modes on offer.

Apex Legends is an extremely popular game, and with a large cast of characters to choose from, players enjoy returning over and over again to this game. Today we’re going to test your knowledge of this popular game to see how well you’ve been paying attention during your play. We’ll look at the game’s development, the various seasons, and some fun facts about the game. Choose one of the four potential answers for each question, and let’s see how you get on today. Remember to share our quiz with your fellow gamers to see which of you knows Apex Legends the best!

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