Pou Online

If you’ve always wanted a pet of your own, why not look after an alien in Pou? While playing Pou, you’ll have to look after your own little alien, who you’ll feed, clean, and play with. You’ll watch it grow up as you advance through the levels. During the game, you’ll work to unlock different outfits and wallpapers, so you’ll enjoy complete customization of your Pou.

Enter the Games Room to play games with your Pou and collect coins. You can also head to the Lab to experiment with points. To make your Pou unique to you, add new outfits, eyeglasses, hats, and much more. It’s a really fun interactive game, which you can even play with your friends. You’ll unlock special items and achievements as you progress, and you can even enjoy talking with your Pou, who will talk back to you!

The game features regular updates to the wardrobe and accessories that are available for your Pou. At Halloween, consider adding a Halloween outfit, or in the summer, you can wear something a little more seasonal. Your Pou will keep up with each season as you customize its look to celebrate. New games are also added during updates, so you and your Pou will be kept entertained with fun new challenges you can play together. Keep coming back to watch your Pou grow as you care for it!

How to Play Pou Online

Use your mouse to navigate the Game. Controls vary in the individual games inside Pou and may involve clicking, tilting, or swiping to play.

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