Persona 5 Royal: can it be called another cool japanese RPG?

Persona 5 Royal is an RPG game developed for the PlayStation platform by Altus in 2019. Check out our review of the following game from the Megami Tensei series.

Chances are you have heard of the original Persona 5, but did you know there is a definitive edition too?
That’s right, Persona 5 has an enhanced version known as Persona 5 Royal, or Persona 5 R (for short).
Most people will overlook this game as just another cash-grab for Atlus, or only a slightly enhanced version of an already-existing game, but unbeknownst to many people, this game is much more than that!

Let’s add something new to the gameplay

In fact, the game adds a ton of new areas, characters, elements, and many other features that really spice up the experience.
Although the reception for the game is very positive, there are some noticeable cons to the game, for example, the price is a bit on the high side, and the overuse of DLC does annoy some people, but these issues are minor.

Advantages & disadvantages

Persona 5 Royal has many pros and cons. Ultimately, this article is entirely subjective and is based on my personal experience. This guide is meant to help people who are interested in Persona 5 Royal, to see if the game is worth their time or not.


  • New semester
    Persona 5 royal adds a brand new semester to the game spicing up the school-life of the main character, along with this new semester comes the addition of new palaces, and new story elements, and other elements that spice up the experience.
  • New characters are also added to the game, and
  • Persona 5 Royalalthough they appear earlier than semester 3, they become quite relevant in this semester and make the 3rd semester feel unique from the other 2.
  • Enhanced visuals
    Persona 5 royal has updated the visuals and graphics to the game, and they are really good changes!
    The visuals look better than ever, and the dialog has changed significantly over the original game. These changes are really great improvements for Persona 5 Royal.
    I will just say this, Persona 5 royal is a stunning game; it runs smoothly and looks gorgeous on PS4.
  • New music
    Persona 5 royal adds a brand new soundtrack to the game, and it sounds excellent; some songs have been swapped out or replaced by other songs to make the battles feel different from the original game. Along with the original music changes, the new music goes along great with the new areas in Persona 5 Royal.
  • New characters
    Two new significant characters have been added in Persona 5 Royal, these include Kasumi Yoshizawa and Takuto Maruki.
    These characters play a major role in Persona 5 Royal’s story. I think that they are some of the best-written characters in the game because they touch on deep themes and are very well written. Maruki And Yoshizawa appear very early in the game, but Maruki cannot join your party until very late in the game.
  • New story elements
    With the addition of new characters, there have been some changes made to the story of Persona 5 – not only with the new characters but also with the base game.
    Certain dialog from the original game has been changed or re-worked to flesh out the story more.
    As for the new story, it mostly revolves around the third semester and the events that take place within it.
  • Thieves den
    Have you ever wanted to have a club house-like hangout room for your party? Well, Persona 5 Royal has got you covered.
    Thieves den comprises of many small activities that you can partake in, you can decorate the den with furniture, customize it, basically do whatever you want with it.
    To buy stuff, you need P-medals. P-medals are obtained by completing achievements. So achievement hunters out there, this is an excellent opportunity for you!


  • Feels repetitive
    If you have already played Persona 5 or a persona veteran, then this game might feel redundant in a way.
    Sadly, while this game has a lot to offer, it did not fix most of the original game’s core issues, which will most likely frustrate many people who have already played through the original game. However, for first-timers, this is a great experience, and I would highly recommend giving it a try.
  • Battles feel effortless, and lack strategy
    The game is way too easy, in my opinion, the abundance of cash and the handholding tutorials make the game easier then it needs to be; it’s so easy, in fact, that you can literally become overpowered and break the game in a matter of seconds, you think I am joking, but give it a try. You will see just how easy the gameplay is. Even on the hard mode, the game still feels like a breeze in the park if you know what you are doing.
  • The tutorial is annoyingly long
    The tutorial last for a painful 13 hours. Although it could be worse, it is still laughable that the tutorial lasts this long. I mean, sure, you can probably speed your way through it, but the average player is probably going to take it the causal route.
  • Third semester is very short
    This is more of a minor complaint, but it is still something worth mentioning. When you think of a semester, you think of a full-length semester. However, that is not the case here as the third semester isn’t very long, in fact, it is relatively short in terms of length and can be beaten within 30 hours of gameplay, less compared to the first two semesters.

Should you buy Persona 5 royal?

The answer really depends on you, Persona 5 Royal is a really good enhanced version of the original, but it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you weren’t so hot with the original game, then I would probably recommend that you skip this game if you didn’t like the original. On the other hand, if you really enjoyed the original, you should try out Persona 5 Royal to see what’s new on the table. All things considered, I would highly recommend buying Persona 5 Royal.

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