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Mortal Kombat is an incredibly popular media franchise that started off with a series of video games. The first game was released back in 1992 and is a fantasy-themed fighting game. This game was well received and went on to inspire many sequels and spin-offs over the next decades. On top of that, a comic book series and card game were created, and movies, TV series, and animated series then followed. Mortal Kombat has become the second best-selling fighting game franchise over the past decades, and the franchise as a whole is one of the highest-grossing of all time.

Mortal Kombat is known for its graphic violence, and gamers particularly enjoy the Fatalities that were introduced with the game. While the first game was originally released back in 1992 by Midway, Acclaim Entertainment then went on to make it available for more home gaming platforms, offering more gamers around the world the chance to enter the Mortal Kombat universe. The game is based on various characters who are taking part in a martial arts tournament. However, it’s not your usual tournament, as there are many worldly consequences for the results of the matches. The first game in the series introduced some of the most popular elements that the series would become known for, including the Fatalities and the five-button control scheme.

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