Metin2: 3D Action-Adventure Game with Multiple PvP Options

Metin2 is a legendary MMORPG where players become brave warriors who fight against dragons. Thanks to the Steam platform, the game is on a streak. Check what we feel about it.

Metin2 is a 3D fiction MMORPG where fans select from one of five sections and register one of three states to battle for dominance over the expanding mainland. Double the other players with dynamic mob armies, full queries, and an active combat system. Metin2 is a new MMO brought to you by G Forks and Silver Birch Studios, which is completely free! If you’re already interested, come play it.

Metin2 Gameplay

In this, the world has joined as a continent where three factions are fighting for supremacy. Choose from one of the five categories and pledge allegiance to one of the three countries, competing with other players to overcome the spreading scenes. Each class, minus like, can master one of its two sports, which will further improve its play style.

Engage with an enemy player in Open World PVP, challenge your friends to double, or choose to show your willingness to fight anyone in the world. The dynamic combat system allows players to participate in combat by choosing between traditional mouse configurations or circling enemies, actively controlling attacks.

The gameplay in Metin2 is good in addition to the reality of a series of things that destroy it that could have been easily stopped or improved quickly. Because of this, do you think it will make up for it right? Not right

Metin2 is known for its grinding, and the game has a slow character development rate, as search and kill monster experience points flow into it instead of flowing. It definitely feels like the desired design, as in addition to following the main story quest, it seems that Metin2 wants players to get dizzy and experience other aspects of the game in order to grind. And repetition can be reduced.

To start the game, you have to choose from 4 types of players who are Warrior, Maj, Killer, and Surah. Anyone can customize their players by changing their gender and outfits. More customization options, such as facial changes and bodybuilding, need to be purchased. The player’s power is divided into four different stats: count, int, cent, and Dex. Gaining experience gives you static points for crossing each level.

Metin2 dates back to ancient times when there was only one continent on the planet. There were peace and happiness on this continent until one day, a deadly disease spread on the planet, turning people into beasts. Eventually, the only empire on the planet existed, the methane fell apart and split into three. These three kingdoms fight for their survival so that they become enemies of the other two.

The exploratory story will take you to a colorful, dynamic world with 3D graphics that are a bit old, well described. The strongest feature of the game is combat. Forget clicking the boring mouse and hitting the hotkey in Metin2 you should always be on the move and use your abilities to avoid the attacks of your opponent. What’s more, your mouse moves represent the swings of your weapons.

PVP is really where Metin2 wiki shines because there are plenty of players compared to the player who will meet the rigid PV pairings. For starters, the game is a Kingdom Open World PVP rather than an out-of-the-box that is chaotic and highly fun, especially because of how the fight works. It also provides devils and arenas for a more backward approach to competitive gameplay.

Additional Features:

  • Five Classes

Players can choose between Warrior, Shaman, Ninja, Surah, or Lycan and master all the classics.

  • Multiple PVP Options 

Fight for your kingdom by defeating rival country players, compete in pairs, or travel around the world and fight any challenger.

  • Fewer System Requirements

Metin2 should run on any modern computer, making it accessible to a wide audience worldwide.

  • Dynamic Fighting System

Engage enemies using traditional point-and-click attacks or participate in combat using the Hack and Slash system.

  • Grinding Up

Leveling up the old school mill of the classic game. Kill the endless mob on the surface.

  • Today Marks the Beginning of Your Adventure

The appearance of methane rocks has shattered the once-thriving kingdoms of the Dragon God. Take up arms against the forces of evil. Only you can save the world from torment.


  • Experience the epic PvE adventure and the ruthless PvP couple
  • Fight against dragons and demon monsters in maps and rooms
  • Compensation in high-speed battles – even against an entire army of enemies
  • Become a powerful warrior and increase your character’s level to 120
  • Choose from five-character classes – Warrior, Ninja, Shaman, Source, and Lycan
  • Choose your kingdom: Shinsoo, Chinju or Jinu
  • Found a group with friends and built on their land
  • Fight lightning-fast mounts and cold pets
  • Improve your weapons and equipment permanently by choosing crafting systems
  • Participate in regular seasonal and community events
  • Oriental Action MMORPGMetin2
  • Millions of active players around the world
  • Minimum system requirements. Able to run on PC and notebook
  • For free – dive straight into your adventure
  • Multiple classes
  • 3 races
  • The fight for free MMO is good enough
  • The fact is that it is completely free
  • Quite a big world overall
  • Great community
  • Nice graphics that make it a free MMO
  • The towns look great
  • Money map is good and useful
  • When you are behind them, the buildings disappear so you can still see your character
  • You can do more than just fight (your fish, mines, etc.)
  • Multiple classes want you to create another character for another class
  • The same thing applies to factions
  • MMO
  • Hack and Slash Combat + various PvP options. + Low system requirements.
  • Historically, graphics may not appeal to some players. – No character customization. Grind on each level


  • Replay value is good (again, because it’s a free MMO), but some aspects of the game can get boring fast, although it depends on what you want to do in MMOs. Other things may be ready for it.
  • So, there you have it, my review of Matin2! I hope you enjoyed reading, and please take a look at my other reviews if you like them (or not)
  • A heavy bearer
  • There really is no real big deal with graphics
  • Bad pathfinding
  • Lots of bad and boring grinding
  • The server crashes once in a while
  • Fighting intensifies in the old days
  • Music is fine, but it can be better
  • Equalizing is not fun
  • Very likely

How to play online or download Metin 2?

Just download from Steam and discover a world full of fantasy art and action like you never thought possible.


The battle mechanic of Metin2 must have looked revolutionary. There are two distinct styles to this fight. Classic point and click or action-based control scheme that feels almost like an arcade game. The latter is particularly impressive because it must be one of the earliest MMOs to feature an action combat system. One of the great things about fighting is that most of the attacks satisfy AOE in nature, so it’s amazing to see the whole crowd pull up and go down with a few blows. At later levels, more skills are unlocked, which encourages the use of combos. Think of it as a loss-making system.

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