Loop Hero video game review – a different kind of RPG that’s hard to forget

Loop Hero is a deck-building, roguelike, and role-playing (RPG) video game developed by Four Quarters and published by Devolver Digital in 2021. The gameplay centers around a post-apocalyptic realm in which an evil called the Lich annihilated reality and caused eternal chaos.

In this unique game, the player encounters a random and dystopian world that they can change by playing cards instead of directly controlling the character. As the main hero wakes up stuck in a tiny camp in a loop, you learn that the Lich destroyed our reality and the matter.

Despite knowing that the world came to an end, you don’t know what happened, and neither does anyone else. All you see is a lone character floating on autopilot and engaging in combat against various monsters they meet on their way.

As a player, you don’t have much control over their fate. The most you can do is direct the hero and suggest going back to the camp to save the resources. However, as they complete a loop, their health will heal in the process, minimizing the damage. Each will enhance the power of the hero’s enemies, but also the loot they lost.

Loop Hero is not a typical RPG, and it flips the usual rules and expectations by shifting your attention from the character and its combats to the world’s creation. In a way, the game tasks you with the role of the God who has to develop a sustainable environment, but those who inhabit it have free will.

Even though Loop Hero breaks many rules, it has its charms. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth your time, we played it for you.

Here are our insights!

Perplexing, odd, and fun

In Loop Hero, there is no direct control over what the hero does and how the battles might end. But you manage their loadout, which also affects the outcomes and their chances of survival. Ultimately, it is your task to create the world, but they have to find a way to survive in it.

The game is highly successful in encouraging no emotional attachment to the main character. Instead, you will probably perceive it as another inhabitant of the loop you should prepare for the combat and provide the necessary equipment.

Although you will likely do your best to ensure the hero has the items that can enhance their battle and healing, you won’t make it easy for them concerning the environment and enemy selection. You will want to protect them and assure their safety, but you will also want them to experience hardships and challenges. It resembles the parent-child relationship.

Overall, the outcome largely depends on the world you create and whether you foster the best conditions for the hero’s development and endurance.

Loop Hero starts with the main character beginning the loop and participating in battles with less powerful monsters as a warm-up. When they destroy the beasts, you will receive new gear and items for the hero. But you will also earn board buildings and terrain that you can use to create a kind of map that will help the main character.

You will find the world cards at the bottom of your screen. The gear will show on the right side, right beneath the available loadout. The cards are essential for developing your world, with each having a different meaning and importance for the hero. For instance, mountains will increase the number of hit points. But besides placing the cards that help your hero, you also have to use the ones that will spawn additional opponents in the loop.

However, you decide where to position them, which is beneficial for the main character. Ultimately, when you fill the board with sufficient squares, the hero will face the boss. The most thrilling part is that you have the power to make the world feel alive. For example, if you connect various similar cards, you may be surprised by the results.

The game provides you with curious possibilities that allow you to make the world more challenging for both the hero and the enemies. If you place the right cards, you can force the opponents to battle the main character and the environment. But you can also make them even harder to beat.

Whatever the scenario, the world you create is interactive, and everything you see in is connected. It is why you need to think through your moves and card placement. Consider what strategy you will use to ensure the hero’s endurance. Otherwise, they will die.

Overall, Loop Hero is challenging and doesn’t make the game easy for you. You will have to do many things and remember to keep the hero alive, including managing the loadout and experimenting with various moves and abilities. The game encourages you to try out new things and take a risk because it might pay off.

If you create a stable and thriving world that supports your hero, they will beat the enemies. If not, you will both lose, and the evil will win again. Loop Hero plays with the concept of creation, control, and nurturing, which is why it resembles both the God-humans and parents-child relationships.

Challenges you to experiment, fail, and learn

Loop Hero doesn’t explain everything. Instead, it wants to try, test, and experiment to see what might be the consequences (or benefits) of each option. The game wants you to protect the hero but to allow them to decide on their own.

But despite not giving you all the control, Loop Hero is not a dull clicker game that plays itself. This game is intelligent, challenging, and memorable. It gives you the role of the Creator, but it never leaves all the responsibility to you. Yet, you will do everything you can to ensure the hero survives.

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