Little Cat Doctor Care

If you’ve always wanted to look after animals and work as a vet, you’ll love playing Little Cat Doctor Care. Alienwolf Studios produced this interactive game which allows you to work in an animal medical facility and offer surgery for sick cats. You’ll smile and laugh while playing this game and looking after the adorable animals that need your help. You’ll work to rescue the various animals in need during the game while also learning about how everything inside a medical facility works.

During your time playing Little Cat Doctor Care, you’ll come across various issues you have to face. Assist a little cat with a fever by taking their temperature or extract thorns with a veterinary device. When a cat comes in with a bite, you’ll create a potion to help them, and any stomach pains may result in an ultrasound. These are just a few of the most common scenarios you might deal with, but you could also be mending broken bones, dealing with cuts, or treating toothache. As with any real-life veterinary facility, each day playing Little Cat Doctor Care will be different from the last.

With incredible HD graphics and soothing background music, you’ll enjoy working to save the four-legged friends in this game. It’s ideal for kids and adults of all ages and you’ll learn about the challenges vets face each day while playing this fun game.

How to Play Little Cat Doctor Care

Simply use your mouse to select the actions you need to take during the game and assist the sick cats.

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