League of Legends video game review – the cult MOBA classic

League of Legends (LoL), perhaps better known as League, is a real-time action strategy, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), developed and released by Riot Games in 2009. A game mode from Warcraft III, Defense of the Ancients (DotA), was the inspiration behind the League gameplay.

The League of Legends developers, Riot Games, were determined to produce a stand-alone MOBA game, and soon after, LoL revolutionized the genre. From day one, League was praised for its accessibility and being free-to-play. Riot Games gain profit from purchasable items that enhance the characters.

Moreover, LoL received positive critics due to a high-quality design and production. It is what helped the game increase its replay value. League of Legends has regular updates, and developers ensure it always feels refined, innovative, and fresh.

But despite its stellar critics, not everything is, nor it was favorable. The LoL community of players was the pressing issue from the beginning. Many reviews highlighted toxicity and a whiney attitude. For instance, critics often address that LoL players don’t know how to deal with a loss, and they are hostile toward newbies.

There were also report of aggressive in-game conduct that cast a shadow over the game. However, that didn’t lower its success nor popularity. For instance, LoL reached eight million players in 2019, making it equally prominent as music videos and comic books. Thus, the game grew over time, receiving various spin-offs.

But is League of Legends still as good in 2021? Here is what we thought after playing this game again, 12 years after it was initially released.

Challenging and competitive

Even though LoL changed a lot during the years, the principal premise remains the same. The gameplay centers around two teams, each consisting of up to five players, and who engage in a PvP battle, attacking their opponent’s territory and protecting their own.

Each player has their champion, a unique character with specific skills and play style. They have to collect experience points, buy items, and get gold as a reward after winning against the other team. However, the goal is to the main structure of the enemy, known as the Nexus.

Players can reach victory by moving through the opponent’s base and navigating three paths with human-controlled and AI-controlled enemies. The match lasts between 20 and 50 minutes. Each feels like a story on its own, filled with adrenaline and action.

As a player, you start the game without anything but a single unit you have to command and one distinctive ability. After that, the teams separate, each having five champions that go into combat against the enemy.

Strategy is among the critical elements of LoL. Although both teams start as equals, it is all about which one will use their strengths better. Destroying the units of the opponent will bring rewards in the form of experience points and gold. It is how you’ll open a path to improved gear and more effective abilities. Hence, the team with the best decision-making and use of available skills will be the winner.

League of Legends requires well-thought-out moves, which is why players often invest a lot of time, effort, and energy. It is also what makes it so adrenaline-driven and addictive. Concerning that League is among the most popular PC games ever, many players dedicate years to destroying the opponents and their Nexus.

There is hardly any other MOBA that has seen so much emotional contribution and frustration of players. No matter how many times you’ll play, you will struggle to gain new experience, skills, and knowledge to be integral to the team.

Thus, there are over 150 unique characters with distinctive and mighty abilities. It is why you’ll enjoy discovering how to counter the opponents’ skills and use yours to help your team win. But as much as that variety is engaging, it is also dangerous. It attracts millions of seasoned and new players, each fighting for their place in the LoL world.

As a result, there is a daunting amount of rivalry and aggression that persevers years after the game was released. That also creates pressure to be a great player, to prove yourself, and accumulate many rewards.

Thus, LoL could be more efficient at explaining to newcomers how to participate in the game beyond the basics. One of the biggest challenges is to know how and when to use an ability depending on the situation. It is the part that lacks an in-depth elaboration.

Besides, most players will also want to invest in their characters because it takes a long time to unlock free items. If you don’t mind going through an occasionally abusive chat and giving hours of your life to memorize when and how to use the abilities, you will find LoL beyond addictive.

Overall, League of Legends is a highly competitive game with a massive community that keeps on growing. The graphics are satisfying, and you’ll have no issues with League’s speed and performance. The visuals are accompanied by a great soundtrack, ensuring an impressive experience.

Addictive but hard to master

Undoubtedly, LoL is a cult MOBA classic that made a revolution in the genre, and it still didn’t lose its reign. It is challenging, entertaining, and always feels new due to the regular updates. However, League requires profound dedication and patience. But regardless of how much time you invest, mastering the game is hard.

The basic principles aren’t too difficult to grasp, and they are enough to make you addicted to League of Legends, but you will have to invest time (and probably money) to build your reputation and reach the depths of this game.

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