GRIME – long-awaited game from Clover Bite availabe!

Clover bite, with Akupara Games, is pleased to notify the public that their long-awaited GRIME is now available on PC and Stadia starting from the 2nd of August 2021.

GRIME is an action-adventure RPG where:

  • You have to monitor and regulate an anonymous image of destruction. Find your way through an aberrant landscape that is in control by monsters who possess a rock form. You find your way by hacking and slashing.
  • You are armed with different weapons and black hole heads, and you are expected to use the fallen to increase the strength of your vessel.
  • With your increase in strength and consumption of the fallen, you are expected to unlock further strong upgrades.

In GRIME, you experience over fifteen hours of slightly more gameplay content, and this includes the combination of varieties of multiple fighting weapons and armors. Besides other unique techniques and abilities, a comprehensive and vast bestiary is required to ensure that your gameplay experience comes in different forms and styles. Your easy mastery of all the weapons and armors coupled with your gameplay mastery experience decides whether you will end up consuming the landscape or whether you will consume yourself in the end.


  • Unmatched surrealism

GRIME has different characters that you get to meet. These characters are worldly identities in different civilization eras, which are all rendered in spooky 3D. You get to uncover many incredible secrets found in desserts that are face-covered and weeping caves.

  • Death free combat

You get to launch attacks on your enemy without killing them. After ending third lives by airborne or giving them a smash from the ground, you absorb them to grow your strength as you wage war on these living 3D characters

  • 3D living weapons

These swapped weapons comprise breathing creatures. They can mutate their form during combat by transforming from a clawing sword into a blizzard form of centipede whips.

  • The extraordinary increasing effect of skill usage

You can increase your skill by successfully hunting down and absorbing the monsters you are combating. Successful rounds of this will improve your skill and add enhances the customization of your playstyle.

  • Building a strong strategy

Combat with and win the fight between yourself and dozens of these monsters that have the same size as you. Build a strategy that is in line with their strategy so that you will resist assaults and absorb them to win more abilities that will enhance your play style.

The launching of this game calls for excitement, especially after seeing how the Steam next fest demo was a huge success. The game’s director, Yarden Weissbrot, also, with a short and brief description, explains how this game has been a long-time dream for him and how this is a combination of all his gaming inspirations.

Well, we all look forward to enjoying GRIME, and I guess we all can’t wait to enjoy it as well!

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