Garena Free Fire – game that prioritizes thrills, fun, and performance

Garena Free Fire is an action-shooter battle royale mobile game developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena in 2017. The game is available for iOS and Android devices, and players experience it from a 3D perspective. As an adventure game, Garena Free Fire centers around battling against 49 opponents to survive on a remote island, with a time limit of ten minutes.

Thanks to its thrilling gameplay and successful status, many passionate gamers require no details concerning Free Fire. Moreover, it was the most downloadable mobile game on a global level in 2019.

From the very beginning, Free Fire gained attention and upward popularity. As a result, in 2019, it was awarded The Best Popular Vote Game by the Google Play Store. One year later, the game reached 80 million daily active players across the world.

Two years after its Beta release, Free Fire gained over $1 billion globally, becoming one of the most successful battle royales. The game also received a revision called Free Fire Max, which has the same gameplay but enhanced graphics and higher resolution.

Despite its overwhelmingly negative Metacritic rating (2.2), the game received relatively favorable critics. However, many reviews noted that Free Fire fails to provide astonishing graphics. Instead, it’s more about fun gameplay and raw entertainment.

But if the goal was to make a game that puts performance at the forefront of its highlights, then Free Fire delivers. Thus, it has enough variety, exciting content, and adrenaline-fueled battles to keep players interested.

Hence, although Free Fire doesn’t hit all the needed points, it’s still one of the best-known battle royale mobile games, being close behind games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Battle Royale. Latin American, Indian, and Southeast Asian players are among the most enthusiastic about this release. As a result, it ensured a satisfying ROI to Garena that encouraged them to improve the game.

Even though Free Fire was released four years ago, it’s still determined to break new records.  – In early 2021, the game surpassed the revenues PUBG made in the United States. Thus, its profit increased by 4.5 times compared to Q1 2020.

Imminently, Free Fire garnered substantial success and high status in the battle royales world. Yet, it’s likely you’ll see conflicting opinions in critics. It’s why we decided to play this game for you and find whether it’s worth your time.

Here are our thoughts.

Simplistic graphics and thrilling gameplay

In Garena Free Fire, 50 players find themselves on an island and participate in battles to be the last one standing. Since each game lasts maximally ten minutes, the pace is intense and fueled with adrenaline.

Like many other battle royale games, this one follows a similar principle of starting the adventure on a plane and having the players choose the location where they want to parachute. After that, they have to quickly move around and look for weapons before their safe zone becomes too small to avoid their opponents.

Secure areas shrink quickly, making the game thrilling and it giving it a sense of urgency. Ultimately, players face each other and fight in a zone that’s getting smaller.

But players are not without any help. Besides the armory they find, they can also use available vehicles to get around the island fast. These include a Tuk Tuk and the Amphibious (transports both on the land and water), meaning each car comes with unique benefits and weaknesses.

Free Fire has various similarities with other battle royales, but its character system makes it unique. With over ten available characters, players can choose between different playstyles, skills, and customization options.

For example, one can choose to be an athletic woman that runs fast or a bodyguard who can reload the weapons quicker than others. Thus, players can also purchase outfits for their characters or even adorable pets to make them company throughout the adventure. Nevertheless, this requires having access to premium currency.

Another fun element of the game is that players can go solo or opt for co-op and team up with up to four persons leveraging the internal voice chat. That can make the game much smoother as players can decide together a strategic place for landing and collecting utility objects.

It’s also easier to find medical equipment, grenades, and other items around the island if you’re working in a team. But if you prefer intense challenges and testing your skills, then you’ll have a blast in a solo adventure.

The goal is to be the last survivor and to eliminate all your opponents. If you participate in a co-op, then your team should be the last one standing.

But there’s more to Free Fire than action, shooting, and exploring a remote island. The game is also a social platform due to its instant messaging system. Therefore, you can create a list of buddies, talk with your friends, and stay in touch with your progress and accomplishments.

Free Fire is highly customizable, allowing you to develop your online identity, choose the avatar, or edit the name. Moreover, you can create new connections inside the game as you’ll have access to private and public Garena channels that ensure simultaneous communication of multiple players. You can go as far as creating a clan and spicing up the battles.

However, keep your expectations low concerning the graphics because they look a bit cartoonish. If you love battle royale games that pay attention to details, Free Fire might not be the best choice.

On the other side, the mechanics and performance are smooth, and you won’t experience glitches. The game might even run better on low-end phones due to its modest graphics.

Worth of your time if you’re into a raw entertainment

Free Fire doesn’t focus on sophistication and top-notch graphics nor a perplexing storyline. Instead, its focal points are raw fun, adrenaline, and combat.

Hence, if your entertainment in a game doesn’t rely on astonishing visuals and an abundance of details, you’ll probably find it challenging to stop exploring the Free Fire island.

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