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Fruit Ninja is an action arcade video game with single-player and multiplayer modes, developed and published by Halfbrick in 2010. The game is available on multiple platforms, including Windows, Symbian, Bada, and Oculus Quest. The premise centers around navigating a touchpad to slice the fruit in half using a blade.

Developers wanted to make a game that is compatible with various devices and aligns with the touch screen platforms that were taking momentum back at the time. Initially, Ninja Fruit was available for iPod touch and other iPhone devices. Not short after, developers tailored its mechanics for iOS, Windows, and Android.

The game has a spin-off called Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots, which kick-started various other versions, including Facebook. Once Fruit Ninja was available for Windows in 2021, it didn’t take it long to reach a milestone. – In ten days only, the game had over a million downloads.

As a result, it received new modes and increased its popularity, resulting in astonishing sales records. Fruit Ninja got favorable critics from the get-go, especially for its fun gameplay and pleasurable experience. The game doesn’t have a perplexing nor profound storyline. Yet it’s ideal when one gets bored because it provides instant entertainment.

Moreover, reviews praised Fruit Ninja, calling it simple yet addictive, expecting it to become the next big thing. However, some critics thought that players should have the option to adjust the learning curve, while others called it challenging.

But what about the game itself and its controls, mechanics, and graphics? We played it for you, and here are our thoughts!

Utterly amusing and easy to play

Overall, Fruit Ninja has barely any background story as the gameplay is as simple as it gets. The premise places ninjas as the enemies of fruit, who have to slice any source of vitamin C that comes their way.

In this colorful and amusing game, players control the blade using their touch screens to cut the fruit in half. Fruit Ninja keeps throwing various succulent fruits at the player, who has to swipe their finger across their touchpad, producing a slicing movement and slicing watermelons, pineapples, etc.

When the player cuts two fruits in one slice, they gain extra points because that counts as a combo. However, the game also allows using more fingers to achieve as many slices as possible. Even though that sounds like an easy task, it isn’t. It is not enough to cut one or two fruits that appear on the screen. Instead, players have to slice all of it.

If they miss three fruits, the game will end. On the other side, once a player gets enough points (multiples of 100), Fruit Ninja will reward them with one more life if they haven’t already missed some fruit while slicing it.

Another element that increases the difficulty level is the bombs that the game often throws at the player. If they cut a bomb by accident, that will also cause a game-over. Be wary of deflect bombs because these exist only to trick you, although they won’t terminate the game if you slice them.

If you feel bold enough, you can opt for Zen mode that lasts one minute and 30 seconds, but it allows you to reach higher scores and not worry about bomb threats. Another similar mode is Arcade, although explosives can cause you to lose up to ten points if you slice them. But in this mode, you’ll also see new fruits with different rewards, such as doubling your points or briefly freezing the timer.

Moreover, players can be sure that pomegranates appear without exception in Arcade as the game approaches conclusion. Classic mode is highly similar to Arcade, and it includes the same fruits. However, the Classic one has dragonfruit that rewards players with 50 points if they manage to slice it.

Fruit Ninja eventually introduced Gutsu’s Cart, but it was replaced with another feature, called Peachy Times power-ups menu, allowing players to buy starfruit, blades, dojos, and deflect bombs.

The game also added a festival mode. With this update, players could compete against the AI, giving Fruit Ninja a new level of difficulty. Throughout the years, developers introduced various mini-games that made the game more fun, increasing the difficulty level and requiring more skills.

Even though Fruit Ninja has the multiplayer mode, it’s available on iOS devices. Thanks to that, players can access a more competitive version of the game, leaderboards, and accomplishments. If you choose to participate in multiplayer mode, your blade and fruits will have a blue color. On the other side, the game labels what belongs to the opponent with a red color.

Nevertheless, you should also pay attention to white-colored fruits as they don’t belong to anyone in particular. As a result, anyone can claim them and improve their score. Another critical thing is to remember you should never cut your opponent’s fruit. Each player can only slice watermelons, strawberries, etc., that belong to them.

The controls and mechanics are smooth and ensure a flawless play. Moreover, Fruit Ninja doesn’t show any hitches that slow down the game or might be an unwanted element of surprise. The graphics are colorful and sharp. Thanks to that, the fruit looks succulent, ensuring you enjoy slicing it.

Ultimately, Fruit Ninja doesn’t require commitment, but it improves focus, patience, and self-control. Because of that, it’s ideal for children as it helps them learn how to avoid rash reactions by identifying when is the right moment to cut the fruit. But the game also teaches kids how to improve their attention span by making sure they don’t miss any slice.

Entertaining and appropriate for all ages

Thanks to its simplicity, fun gameplay, and colorful content, Fruit Ninja will entertain children and adults equally. Despite not having a complex backstory, the game delivers and breaks the boredom instantly, enticing you to keep coming back for more.

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