Fortnite – Update 17.30

The latest update for Fortnite was just released! Read here to learn more about a new weapon, changes to POI, bug fixes, and new modes of gameplay!

As mentioned in our last report about Fortnite, the current season of Fortnite (Season 7) was somewhat delayed based on the regular schedule for Fortnite updates. Still, it appears like things are back on schedule with the release of 17.30 on August 10th. We are still in Chapter 2 for about another month, so there will likely be another patch or update before moving on to Chapter 3. We will keep you up to date as we find out more information.

In keeping with this season’s outer-space theme, a new weapon has become available for players. Called the ‘Grab-itron’, this gun acts similar to a ‘tractor-beam’ associated with the pop-culture understanding of UFOs and in other areas of Science Fiction, such as Star Trek and Star Wars. The Grab-itron pulls objects towards the user, can hold onto it and move it, and then can be launched, for example, at an opponent. How much damage the object does if it hits the target depends upon the size of the object, what the object is, and how fast the object is launched. The utility of this weapon can also be defensive, as the user can hold an object in front of them to block incoming enemy fire (although all objects can only tolerate some amount of damage before they are destroyed). No doubt, the strategic potential of the Grab-itron is significant as the user can even intercept incoming projectiles and launch them back at the player that shot them. This weapon can be found in chests, on abductors, and inside the alien Mothership.

The aliens have begun to target certain POIs (points-of-interests) on the map, and now they have begun to draw up sections of the Slurpy Swamp with their tractor beams. Players entering this area will be able to interact with the low-gravity environment and leap to and from clumps of material that the aliens are sucking up. Skillfully maneuvering in this environment will be critical to have an edge against your opponents, while failing to learn quickly how to move quickly in this situation will put the player at a disadvantage. Apparently, as time goes on, more and more sections of the Slurpy Swamp area will be beamed up by the aliens, so you should check the area out routinely to see things change.

There is also a new Limited Time Mode (LTM) for Team Brawl. Instead of slowly skydiving to the battle map after being defeated, players will plummet at terminal velocity (the maximum speed that a given object can fall) to the ground, ensuring that players will be back in the game as quickly as possible. Additionally, each time a player respawns, they will be given a new loadout. In this mode, each team will race to reach 60 eliminations before the other team in order to win the match. This mode will also keep things interesting by giving a helping hand to a team if they are struggling against an overwhelming team by allowing them to see the dominating team’s players through walls. This bonus to the weaker team will expire when they have caught up to the team ahead in the score.

This update has also fixed a couple of bugs, including an issue where the 3d headphones option on PS5 not working properly and a couple of bugs affecting vehicles such as the radio not working or driving very erratically. There have also been some minor improvements to balance, including an increase in damage for the Pulse Rifle when aiming down sights and a damage increase but reduced rate of fire for the Heavy Assault Rifle.

That covers the most important aspects of the most recent update. We will be sure to keep you constantly updated on all the latest Fortnite news – like this one: Superman is coming to Fortnite!

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