Fortnite – Update 16.20

The third update of this season (Season 6) launches tomorrow, April 13th. Read here to know more about what’s on the way.

The Fortnite update is scheduled to be released somewhat earlier than usual, at 2am Eastern Time. And though as to be expected there will be a couple of hours of downtime, unlike previous updates it appears that the downtime for this update will be a little longer than usual. There are still some things we don’t have total clarity on yet, but we do know that a significant amount of bugs will be fixed:

  • An exploit that allowed players to gain unlimited health and shields over the course of the match has been removed.
  • A bug on the Nintendo Switch that caused cosmetics to appear blurry while in the lobby has been fixed.
  • Issues involving the Arena playlist have been resolved.
  • Code Green Wrap will not appear correctly.
  • System-level parties can now be created between PS5 and PS4 players.
  • Storm visibility appeared incorrectly in Performance Mode, which has been fixed.
  • Vehicles will now move correctly in Creative Mode.
  • The 3D resolution setting will now save correctly, (formerly the selected setting would reset itself every time even if the player saved their settings).
  • Coconuts and Slurpshrooms are temporarily disabled to give more time to fix and issue with them
  • Collection Book Character #17 was not appearing on the island, and now it should appear correctly.
  • The quest “Directive: Mission Alert 2!” will now correctly award completion credit upon completing missions in Scurvy Shoals Ventures.

Based on a leak of upcoming content, it’s possible we may see the inclusion of the Unstable Bow. This exotic weapon is expected to rare and difficult to find. It’s possible that it may only be available for purchase. According to the lead, it appears that the weapon may be purchasable from Rebirth Raven. This update is also going to include a new bow-focused Duos Cup, although its official final name and start date have not yet been confirmed.

At this point, it’s not known exactly what the stats will be for this weapon, but based on what data miners have discovered in the game files, the Unstable Bow will cause players hit by the weapon to “glitch.” We’re not sure what that will look like but we’re guessing it may cause the target’s movements/controls to become temporarily uncontrollable, or may make the opposing player’s screen become unclear.

One interesting new bit of content being added to Fortnite is a new feature for Creative mode in which players can enter into a 50-person match. There isn’t much information about that, but we’re very interested. In addition, this update will allow players to choose wheel designs for their vehicles, possibly in the form of cosmetics that can be earned, won, or purchased. There are rumors that how players customize their vehicle may change operability to some degree for driving on dirt, grass, or roads. It’s also been suggested that players may be able to add mounted guns to their vehicles. Neither of these rumors have yet been confirmed but we may be finding out soon.

As most readers will know, this season very recently introduced new Spire Quests, which can be completed to earn levels for your Battle Pass. This 8 stages long questline will earn players the Glyph Master style for the Raz legendary outfit. Because of the raptors, it’s recommended to do this questline as fast but cautiously as possible.

While the update will be starting a little earlier than usual and will take longer to complete, we’re really excited to see all the new stuff that Epic Games prepared for us.

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