Fortnite – Chapter 3 Season 1

The third chapter is on its way! This December is going to be a very exciting month as Fortnite will be transitioning from Chapter 2 Season 8 to Chapter 3 Season 1. Read here to find out more about the fascinating details!

As mentioned in our last report about Fortnite the next chapter of Fortnite will begin very shortly. The expected release (assuming there are no delays) will be the morning of December 7th. A trailer released by the game’s developers, Epic Games, appears to reveal an upcoming grand finale event on December 4th to celebrate the end of Chapter 2, which originally began in October of 2019.

This final event appears to be fittingly called “The End.” Based on the currently available information it seems that players will be made to confront the Cube Queen and her army in a massive battle as she and her minions slowly but surely gain ground and dominate the map. This will be a one-time unique event on December 4th, and will not be repeated, so don’t miss it!

While not particularly important, it is interesting to note that while the first chapter of Fornite had ten seasons, Chapter 2 apparently will be ending with only eight seasons. Both the first and second chapters cover roughly the same timeframe, about 2 years, the difference in the number of seasons in each chapter is due to the seasons in Chapter 2 being much longer. That is to say that seasons in Chapter 1 were usually about two months, whereas in Chapter 2 the seasons are closer to about three months, and in some cases even about four months. Of course, that makes sense as the first half of Chapter 2 coincided with the early stages of the worldwide spread of COVID-19 and so there would naturally be some delays as a result of that.

Sadly, there is still a lot of unknowns about what players should expect in Chapter 3. However, there have been some leaks that can provide us with a little information.

First, it appears that it’s possible that Neo and Trinity from The Matrix cinematic universe may be coming to Fortnite. Presumably, they will be available in the in-game Item Shop similar to the recently released Dune bundle. Another interesting tie-in may be a web-slinging Spiderman that comes with a limited-use item allowing players the ability to actually swing from place to place using Spiderman’s iconic web strings.

Next, it seems possible that rideable animals may finally make an appearance in Fortnite in the upcoming season. Apparently, players will not just be able to ride these mounts, but will also be able to perform basic actions and attack other players while riding. However, exactly what mounts will be available for players is as of now unclear.

Naturally, there will be new weapons and items added to the game. One new weapon that seems very likely to make an appearance is a new flint-knock pistol that will be available in various levels of quality from common to legendary.

It should also go without saying that there very likely will be a new map for players to fight on. The internal code name being used is Artemis, which is related to the codename for the Chapter 2 map, Apollo. Fans of Greek mythology will recognize that Artemis was Apollo’s twin sister, so there are some who have taken this point of trivia as a teaser that suggests that the Chapter 3 map will be in some way like a twin to the Chapter 2 map.

Aside from this, there is still a lot of mystery about what the next chapter of Fortnite will have in store for players. We will do everything we can to keep you informed on all the latest news!

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