In this game you will play as a football player that is basically just a head and a foot. You can customize them, but you may have to win some games first to unlock some options. (Americans should note that the game you’re about to play is based on what’s known in the US as Soccer, not American Football).


For PC:
Use A to move left
Use D to move right
Use J to jump
Use K to kick the ball forward
Use L to kick the ball up in an arc

For mobile users you will be prompted to turn your phone horizontal you will play by pressing buttons on your screen.

  • Hang out around half way between the centerline and your goal. When you have the ball it’s good to kick the ball up from here because the ball will go right over the opponent’s head and right into the goal at least half the time.
  • If the opponent kicks the ball just go back to in front of your goal. When moving back be careful that the ball is not behind you because you do not want to knock the ball into your own goal.
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