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Final Fantasy is one of the world’s most famous media franchises, which was created by Hironobu Sakaguchi. It was developed and owned by Square Enix, which was previously just known as Square, and it’s primarily based around a series of role-playing video games. Since the game was originally released back in 1987, there have been 15 more numbered entries into the series. With the planned upcoming 16th game for the series, gamers can’t wait to enter this world again and share the fun of Final Fantasy with the next generation. Keep reading as we get you ready for our trivia quiz today, which is based on everything you need to know about the Final Fantasy series.

As well as the main series of games in the Final Fantasy series, the franchise has branched out into other video game genres and media forms, including manga, CGI films, and novels. Each of the games is generally a stand-alone story or role-playing game, with each of them having its own plot, settings, and characters. However, to keep players returning to the games year after year, they are linked by different elements, such as recurring character names and game mechanics. Each of the games focuses on a group of heroes, who are all battling a great evil in the game. The games explore the characters’ relationships and internal struggles, and many of their names are derived from history, pop culture, and mythologies.

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