FIFA 21 on Stadia and the Charity Tournament

FIFA 21 makes its debut on Stadia and players praise the gaming experience. What's more, on April 5th starts the virtual FIFA 21 Tournament.

FIFA 21 is the latest release of the well-established, legendary FIFA franchise that features an exciting soccer simulation gameplay, stunning visuals, and realistic graphics. The gameplay is extremely smooth and flexible, doubling the excitement. It would probably be a challenge to find a seasoned gamer who is not familiar with this series that stands tall against the time. Proving that statement true, FIFA 21 premiered on Stadia a few days ago.

What is Stadia?

Stadia is a cloud-based gaming platform by Google that sets you free from the need of possessing a high-end gaming console. Stadia gives its users access to a massive collection of games that they can enjoy.

It also claims to provide a crisp and sharp 4K resolution gameplay along with butter-smooth 60 fps. Regardless of what game you play or on which platform you prefer to delve into the gaming experience, you should always get the smoothest resolution in the best frames per second.

Stadia offers its users to enjoy playing games on any display they can find in their surroundings. No matter if it’s their LED monitor, a regular laptop, or even your lounge’s LED TV. Stadia makes gaming sleek and less dependent.

A game’s availability on Stadia is a gradual process despite its massive potential in the future. Most of the popular titles are already playable on Stadia, yet some are still on their way. The latest FIFA installment, FIFA 2021, launched on the Stadia platform on March 17, 2021.

The Emergence of FIFA 21 on the Stadia Platform

The gamers can also use a massive discount on this newly-released soccer game. They can get FIFA 21 for only 59.99 USD, previously available for USD 99.99. There is a hefty $40 discount for the gamers who want to enjoy their favorite soccer game on the Stadia’s platform.

Gamer’s Experience

The gamers who have already experienced FIFA 21 on their Stadia devices claim to have a fantastic experience like the one they have expected to get on a high-end gaming PC. They mostly praise the visual quality due to being sharp and the colors vivid.

The loading times have also been reduced significantly, and players now enjoy seamless and quick gameplay without any unnecessary delays.

There are no frame-drops in the gameplay as well. Therefore, having FIFA 21 on the stadia platform gives significant leverage to the gamers as there is no need to download a big game update.

Player reviews also highlight that they don’t feel that they are streaming the game over the internet instead of playing locally. As a result, the gameplay feels authentic and the closest possible to the real-life sport.

Another element that players liked is that there are various game modes to choose from, such as career mode and FIFA Ultimate Team.

However, the first impressions also display a common opinion that the game lacks innovation. It is why it fails to feel like an improvement compared to its predecessor.

Besides launching FIFA 21 Stadia version, EA has more announcements for the fans.

FIFA 21 Tournament

The virtual FIFA 21 Tournament will start April 5, 2021, streaming on Twitch. The hosts, Orange County SC, announced that they would use all the proceeds to help the community and those negatively affected by COVID-19.

Those above 18 years old and willing to participate needed to be able to donate $30 and used the OCSC 2021 sign-up form to apply until March 29.

Moreover, the event comes with a 5,000 USD prize package for the top finishers and raffle awards for the tournament viewers.

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