Fall Guys: tips & tricks are always appreciated

Fall Guys is one of the highest-earning game of 2020. Practically from the day of its debut is trending on Twitch. If you are a fan of that game and need some tips & tricks check out this article.

Fall Guys is a Mario-party-like battle royale game, where 60 players compete in a collection of mini-games, and obstacle courses, to become the champion. Sounds pretty simple right? Well, believe it or not, this game has significant challenges and competitiveness that gives the player a challenge to tackle and a reward to fulfill.

Fall Guys was developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital. The game is available for the following platforms: PC, PS4, and Android devices.

The mini-games and obstacle courses are random for each match, so there is no consistency with what you play. With this in mind, you should strategize for every mini-game and obstacle course available and learn how they function to perform better when you play.

A lot of Fall Guys mini-games rely on luck and accuracy to do well on. So the strategy for each mini-game varies, depending on what the mini-game is like and how you go about completing it.

Tips & Tricks

In Fall Guys, strategy and knowledge about the game are key to winning, but most importantly, knowing how the mini-game functions is also super important.

Here are some tips & tricks that will help you better understand how Fall Guys work and what you should try to do when playing Fall Guys.

  • Avoid big clustersFall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

In Fall Guys, there will be times where huge hoards and clusters of players surround you. You should keep your distance away from these hoards during these moments because they will most likely slow you down. Instead, you should go on your own path and try to stay far away from other players if at all possible.

  • Avoid rushing into platforms

Most of the time, you need to go as fast as possible to complete certain areas. However, for moving platforms/objects, you should avoid rushing through them, as it could result in your death. In order to successfully walk through moving obstacles/platforms, you should wait for the moving obstacle to appear before you step on them.

  • Walk instead of run on steep cliffs

Most players tend to jump when traversing through steep cliffs. However, this is a horrible idea because IT SLOWS YOU DOWN. Instead of jumping on steep cliffs, it is in your best interest to just walk on the cliffs.

  • Let your opponent solve the puzzle

Sometimes, it may be better for your opponent to solve the puzzle rather than you because, more than likely, it will be more time-efficient for your opponent to solve the puzzle than you.

  • Defend yourself

Opponents will not hesitate to push you, grab you, or attack you. This is where your defensive strategy comes into play because not defending yourself could result in possible slowdown or death. The best mentality to have for Fall guys is to “not trust anyone”.

Should you buy Fall Guys?

Fall Guys has exploded in popularity in the last couple of months. It went trending on Twitch and became a very successful game.

If you like games like Mario Party, that have a lot of mini-games, and games that have battle royale style gameplay, like Fortnite, and Apex, then this game is for you. You will not be disappointed with the great collection of minigames and the sheer variety of fun to be had.

Of course, Fall Guys isn’t without its flaws. For one, this concept isn’t original, but at least Fall Guys have become slightly innovative with the way they created this game, by allowing up to 60+ players to compete in a collection of mini-games is quite unique.

Another problem with Fall Guys is its lack of split-screen multiplayer and the lack of a single-player campaign. While some games don’t need to have a single-player option to be good, not having the option to play by yourself or with local friends makes it harder to practice and limits the player’s options.

However, these are generally minor complaints, and if you are still convinced to pick up the game and give it a shot, then I would highly suggest giving it a try, as you may be surprised how fun the game is.


In conclusion, although Fall Guys is not the perfect online-multiplayer battle royale, it is still a good one at that. Lack of single-player, and originally aside, it is still very much an enjoyable experience, especially for those who like competitive environments.

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