Euro Truck Simulator 2 takes you to the Heart of Russia

Euro Truck Simulator 2 will take you to the Iberia on April. In addition, the Heart of Russia expansion is planned for an undefined future.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is one of the most immersive and popular simulator games that allows players to explore a truck driver’s experience behind their screens’ comfort. There are various customization options and licensed trucks that deliver an unparalleled driving experience to the players without leaving their gaming chairs.

There is a lot to discover featuring numerous landscapes and vast territories that give you the sensation of driving these huge trucks in real life. Euro Truck Simulator also allows insights into their economic system and lets you manage your own transportation firm.

Being a lot more popular than the developers expected, Euro Truck Simulator 2 continuously launches various enjoyable features. These expansions are released as DLCs, giving players all the fun they can have while being a professional truck driver.

ETS2 Never Stops

Even though the game is almost eight years old, it still has the potential to let the players enjoy their calm and swift delivery, or even their run on the highways, in a vast cargo-delivery truck. The developers work tirelessly on keeping the game going strong and taking the players to new locales.

After uncovering that the Iberia expansion will come in April 2020, we also got to see that players will get the opportunity to drive next to Douro River and visit Porto.

Besides unveiling that they will cover most of the Iberian region, the developers also announced that the game is getting a new update: version 1.40.

But that is not all. Developers also revealed that the next expansion takes place in Russia.

Get Ready for Russia!

The players will be able to explore life on the roads of great Russia and, for the first time in Euro Truck Simulator 2 history, drive to the continent’s eastern part.

However, the game will only feature the central part of Russia as featuring the whole country would be too much for production in just a single update. It is why the expansion is called Heart of Russia. Nevertheless, the players will discover a massive region compared to the upcoming Iberia map expansion.

Although the release date is not confirmed yet, the developers shared a few screenshots to help players visualize what to expect from this Eastern-European expansion.

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