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Over the past ten years, ESL has taken the world by storm. Previously known as the Electronic Sports League, ESL is an e-sports organizer and production company that allows individuals from around the world to compete in video game competitions. ESL originates from Cologne, Germany, and now has eleven offices around the world. While the recent pandemic has forced many of the competitions to return to online play, in the past, they were known for holding incredible tournaments around the world, bringing together many of the world’s best e-sports players.

When thinking about e-sports, the most common games associated with this type of competition are League of Legends and Counter-Strike. The League of Legends World Championship is one of the world’s top leagues and attracts much attention every year to its competitions. Players and fans from around the world watch the world’s top players compete for huge prize funds, which are only continuing to increase year after year. While many individuals don’t believe these count as real sports, they have been featured within some sporting competitions in Asia, and there have even been discussions about whether they should be included in the Olympics. While this has yet to happen, the future is certainly looking bright for ESL and the leagues it organizes.

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