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Discord is one of the most popular online VoIP and instant messaging platforms today and has over 250 million users worldwide registered to its service. Users of the platform can communicate with each other via voice calls, text messaging, video calls, and as part of communities within the platform. Currently, Discord is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and web browsers. Today we’re going to see how well you know Discord with a fun and interactive quiz about the platform.

The concept of Discord came from Jason Citron, who was the founder of OpenFeint. OpenFeint was a social gaming platform for mobile games. Jason Citron came up with the concept for Discord alongside his co-founder, Stanislav Vishnevsky, who had also founded a similar platform to OpenFeint, called Guildwork. Jason sold OpenFeint for a whopping $104 million, which was used to found Hammer & Chisel in 2012.

While developing their first product, Fates Forever, Jason noticed how difficult it was for his team to figure out tactics using VoIP software. This led to them creating a chat service, and that was how Discord began. After gaining additional funding from multiple companies and incubators, Discord was released in May 2015. At that point, there was no particular aim as far as who would enjoy using Discord, but the gaming community on Reddit soon took note of the platform. They began to build links to Twitch and subreddit communities, which helped to spread the word of the new platform around the world.


Since its release, Discord has raised additional funds through investors and is now supported by more companies. Microsoft provides Discord support for Xbox Live users, which they added in April 2018 for their players.

Due to the recent pandemic, the platform has started to shift its image away from just being used by gamers and is instead looking to create an all-purpose community and chat platform. With a new slogan and website, they home to minimize the gaming reputation of the site and make it more accessible to everyone in the world.

Discord only just hired their first finance chief in 2021, but they are still insisting that they are not interested in taking the company public at this time. While it’s been reported that many companies are interested in purchasing Discord, at this time, this doesn’t appear to be in the company’s future.

As far as the user experience, Discord offers both public and private communities. Whether you want to talk to your friends from home or meet people with similar interests from around the world, it’s a great platform for everyone to be involved in. Users of Discord can create servers for free and also make new channels. As with other popular social media sites, verified accounts have been available since October 2017, where known developers and publishers can verify their identity to their online community.

Similar to other social media sites, when you first join Discord, you’ll choose your user name for your profile, using your email address to sign up. You can then connect these to your Twitch or other gaming accounts. You can add a profile picture to personalize your account, and then you are ready to get started exploring the Discord community.


COVID-19 has brought about even more users to the platform, who particularly enjoy the video calling and screen sharing aspects. While these were originally added to Discord in October 2017, the number of people you can call has increased from 10 to 40 during the pandemic. There’s also the option to use live streaming when playing a game, and then other people in your channel can join and watch the stream. It’s very similar to a platform like Twitch in this manner, but Discord isn’t trying to compete with these services.

How well do you think you know Discord? After this short introduction to the company, you may have learned a few handy facts for our quiz today. We’ve put together 25 quiz questions on this popular platform, all of which have four answers to choose from. Select the correct answer for each quiz, and let’s see how well you score today. We hope your time spent chatting to your friends on Discord will be put to good use today in this Discord Quiz!

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