Black Desert Online - 2021 Roadmap
June 23, 2021
Black Desert Online – 2021 Roadmap
New player classes, dungeons, minigames and events! Read here for more information about what players of Black Desert Online should expect for the next 6 months!
Black Desert Update 1.82
May 22, 2021
Black Desert Online – update 1.82
Black Desert Online received a fairly large update last week and will be getting another exciting update next week, particularly affecting PvP balancing. Also, don’t miss out on the weeklong 24/7 Special Hot Time event in which you can earn 50% more items drops!
Black Desert Online - 5th anniversary celebration
March 1, 2021
Black Desert Online – 5th anniversary celebration
New content is being added to mark the 5th anniversary of Black Desert Online.
Black Desert Online
February 17, 2021
Black Desert Online: fantasy world, feuding nations, and Black Stones.
Black Desert Online is a fantasy MMORPG game. Developed in 2014 by Pearl Abyss studio and created with the participation of Dae-Il Kima. Read about the game, which takes place in a fantasy world where two warring nations fight each other.