Destiny 2 – “The Witch Queen” expansion

Earlier this week Bungie announced plans to reveal information about the next expansion for Destiny 2 at the showcase on August 24th.

It’s certainly no secret to anyone that the next expansion for Destiny 2 was going to be ‘The Witch Queen’ as that was first announced in June of 2020. Originally the intent was for the expansion to release in 2021, but unfortunately, that will not be possible, and the release has been delayed to sometime in 2022.

At the moment, there are still very few details available to the public about what new features, weapons, locations, missions, events, dungeons, or adventures there might be for players to enjoy. Bungie must be very good with its security because there doesn’t appear to be any leaked information about the upcoming expansion at all.

What is known is that this expansion will be a second in a trilogy of expansions that began with ‘Beyond Light’ in November 2020 and ends with ‘Lightfall’ in early 2023. Although it should be noted that first, ‘Lightfall’ is a working title, and the name is subject to change; and second, there may be the fourth installment in this Hive-focused storyline set to release presumably in 2024. Unfortunately, at this time, we still don’t have a set release date for ‘The Witch Queen’, but it’s possible that we might find out at the showcase on August 24th.

Naturally, ‘The Witch Queen’ will continue the story of the Hive, ancient and evil aliens with plans for mass domination. Based on the title, the main antagonist of this expansion’s storyline is very likely a character called Savathûn, who is one of the main progenitors of the Hive species and is essentially one of their gods. The lore of Destiny 2 is rich and complex and is really too much detail to go through, but it really is an excellent testament to Bungie’s capability at world-building and story-telling.

Earlier this week, an announcement was made through Twitter by Bungie (the developers of the Destiny and Halo series) about this upcoming expansion. The truth is that it’s pretty vague. It begins with the teaser ‘Survive the Truth’. Which, as one would expect, has set off a flurry of tweets ranging from excitement to confusion. What is clear is that more specific information about what players can expect in ‘The Witch Queen’ will be made available on August 24th at the Destiny 2 showcase.

It will be interesting to see how Bungie will adapt to the fairly major shift in the formerly reliable expansion release schedule. Because of the delay in the release of ‘The Witch Queen’, everything scheduled to come after it very likely has also been delayed. The game is currently in its 14th season, which will be ending on the 24th, and the next season is supposed to be the last season of this year, ending sometime around November of 2021. However, because the next expansion will be delayed, this means that Season 15 may be at least a couple of months longer than usual and won’t end until the next expansion is released. But this would not be too much out of the ordinary as this is a similar strategy Bungie utilized for albeit much briefer delay in the release of the ‘Beyond Light’ expansion.

Regardless, we will update you again on the next expansion for Destiny 2 as soon as we hear something. As of now, we expect that to be sometime near the end of next month. Stay tuned!

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer first-person shooter developed and published by Bungie in 2017 and is available on Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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