Cut The Rope Experiments

Cut The Rope Experiments is an addictive game from the popular series. In order for the professor to study the Om-Nom’s eating behaviors, it needs the creature to eat candy during each level of the game. You’ll follow the funny professor as you progress through each level. The aim of the game is very simple, and you just have to cut through the rope in order to feed the Om-Nom. While the game starts off nice and easy, as you progress, more cuts and strategic thinking are needed to pass through each round.

You’ll never be bored of this game, thanks to the inclusion of eight level packs and 200 levels to progress through. It’s a very innovative game, teaching people about physics while they have fun. If you’ve enjoyed previous titles in the series, you’ll love the new gameplay available to you. It’s a family-friendly game that everyone can get involved in, and you’ll love challenging yourself with each experiment that’s presented to you.

The aim of the game is to collect the shiny gold stars, and you’ll work to find hidden prizes and unlock further levels. You can use fun devices, such as suction cups, to help you on your journey and to feed this cute little green monster. The graphics are excellent throughout the game, and you can also enjoy learning more about the Om-Nom in the animated shorts. There are regular updates with new animations and levels, so keep coming back for more fun with Cut The Rope Experiments.

How to Play Cut The Rope Experiments

Use the left button of the mouse or your finger to slide across the rope to cut it.

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