Crusader Kings III – Northern Lords DLC and Update 1.3 ‘Corvus’

The very recently released new DLC 'Northern Lords' is available for download now with a free update, also Viking-themed. 

Since the very highly anticipated release of the third installment in the Crusader Kings series, we have been eagerly waiting for something more than just minor bug fixes and the addition of minor features, such as the release of snowy winter weather at the end of last month.

Well, fans of Crusader Kings III wait no longer! The release of the first DLC, called ‘Northern Lords’, will bring some very desperately needed flavor to the game. As can be expected based on the name, this DLC is heavily inspired by the Vikings and adds significant content to the Norse culture. The following features will be available with the Northern Lords DLC:

  • Norse Adventurer Realms: Norse characters may leave their own homes and establish their kingdoms by leading hosts into foreign lands
  • Jomsvikings and Shieldmaidens: Norse holy warriors and brave shieldmaidens fight on your behalf; poet characters compose romantic overtures or stinging rebukes.
  • New Cultural Content: Special Norse dynastic heritages, their sacrifices, cultural innovations, and trials by combat, as well as numerous new events. 
  • New Music and Art: musical score to enhance your playing experience and original art.
  • And more: Berserkers, Varangian adventurers, missionaries, runestones, new decisions, and other facts from the exciting history of the Norse people.

Along with the new DLC, a free update to the game is also being released simultaneously. In honor of the Norse chief-god, Odin, and his raven familiars, the Swedish game developer Paradox Interactive has nicknamed Update 1.3 ‘Corvus’. For an update, a huge amount of new content is being added, far too much to list, but we’ve selected some of the most exciting and dramatic changes to gameplay, listed here:

  • New coat-of-arms elements for the Norse culture and Scandinavian titles will dynamically switch between different coat-of-arms depending on whether the titleholder is pagan or not.
  • New house mottos that reference the Norse pantheon and the house founder’s traits will heavily determine which motto is selected.
  • New custom religion icons based on Norse symbolism, such as Odin’s Ravens, the World Tree, Thor’s Hammer, and some others.
  • New unique buildings were added to Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, including the Temple of Uppsala and the Golden Gate of Kiev.
  • Chin beards! Apparently, it was already in the game’s code and files, but it appears because of the developer’s oversight on the part the chin beard style was kept hidden from players. Now that issue has been corrected and players will be able to put the goatee on their characters.
  • Allowing the option to dismiss all notifications
  • Adding new baronies around the map, including Scotland, Iceland, and Northern Scandinavia. Northern Finland will also be getting a couple of new counties along with its new baronies.
  • Balancing to the renowned cost for acquiring Dynasty Legacies makes it easier to unlock your first couple of legacies, making it harder to unlock a large number of legacies.
  • Minor retouching to the Dynasty Legacy perks. According to the developer’s notes, “Their effects should now be much more tangible and interesting.”
  • Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren will no longer wander to other courts, thus following the same rules as apply to your character’s children.
  • Players will no longer be able to raid lands with which they have an active truce
  • Barons will now more reliably seek marriage and produce a family
  • To create a Head of Faith title, you will need 1 more holy site (2 for Spiritual, 3 for Temporal). To make a Spiritual Head of Faith title, it now costs a flat 300g rather than 50 – 300g based on your income
  • Exceeding the supply limit by more than 5,000 people now causes a faster loss of inventory, will scale from 5/month at 5k to 10/month at 10k
  • When being the Patron of a holy order, you are able to hire it even if it is already hired by someone else (except another player). You will pay the full piety cost to the person who has already hired it instead of hiring it for free.

We are absolutely shocked by the generosity from the developers! This is far more new content than we could have predicted and definitely shows how much Paradox listens to and cares about their fans.

What’s more, Crusader Kings III is currently available for free on Steam, but hurry up, the offer is available until March 21st!

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